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Manu by Anna Hackett
Hell Squad #16
Science Fiction Romance

Captain Kate Scott oversees the Enclave security and she’s dedicated herself completely to the job. Protecting the survivors of the alien invasion and keeping her young soldiers safe is important to Kate but she also longs for someone that can be just hers. However, Kate knows she’s not a passionate woman — after all her ex-fiancee told her so — and she doesn’t have time for dating or hooking up when the human race’s survival is on the line.

Kate was one badass woman and I respect how much of herself she puts into her work. It’s clear that she cares for her soldiers as if they were her own children and she’s so dedicated to keeping them safe; their pain is her pain. Kate has spent her adult life convincing herself she’s not destined for passion and now that she’s over 40 years old she feels it’s not something she should focus on even though she’s feeling lonely.

“Yeah, he’d known Kate was hiding a whole lot of heat, and she’d left him singed. He couldn’t wait to get burned again.”

When Kate is forced to spend time with the Enclave’s weapons expert, Manu Rahia, she can’t help but be attracted and her sudden attack of hormones is surprising and unwanted. Manu, however, is fascinated by Kate and wants to get to know her more. He respects her dedication to her work and he sees the passionate woman she’s keeping locked down. I really loved ex-berserker Manu who has a prosthetic leg after a raptor attack left him on the brink of death. He’s not as confident in himself as he appears so I liked the more vulnerable moments where Manu can lean on Kate. Manu is the perfect hero for Kate because he worships her and boosts her confidence with his outspoken admiration for her brain, her work, and her body.

Kate and Manu had great chemistry and though Kate resists at first, she can’t stay away from him. More than anything, Manu understands that you have to enjoy life while you have it and grab what you want because it could be your last day. That’s truly the overarching theme of this series and I can’t wait for more Hell Squad books because I’ve loved them from the very beginning.

4 out of 5 stars

Tags: Military | Post-Apocalyptic | Prosthetic

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Hero with amputated leg and prosthetic

Book Details

When former berserker Manu Rahia lost his leg on a mission, he was forced to leave his squad. He knows his new role as head of the Enclave’s firing range and armory is important, but hates that he isn’t still out there fighting face to face against the aliens and protecting his brothers’ backs. But then one woman catches his eye. A no-nonsense woman dedicated to her job as head of security. A woman who seems cool on the surface, but who Manu is convinced is hiding more under her business-like exterior.

Captain Kate Scott dedicated her life to her career in the Army. Now she works hard taking care of security for the Enclave and its residents. She learned a long time ago that she isn’t a passionate woman, and that she’s better off sticking to her work. But seeing one big, bronze-skinned, muscled man at the range every day has her hormones going into overdrive. She’s never felt like this and she’s determined to get herself under control.

But when the aliens launch a viscous new attack, right on the Enclave’s doorstep, Kate and Manu must join forces to stop the raptors before more people get hurt. Kate will fight fiercely to protect her team and the base, as well as her heart. But Manu Rahia is a man who knows what he wants, will walk through fire to get it, and what he wants is Kate.

Published by Anna Hackett on May 6, 2018

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