REVIEW: Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus

Katie Reus-Sweetest Surrender

3 Stars Rating


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Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus
The Serafina: Sin City #3
Suspense Romance

Security expert Vadim Sokolov knew he wanted Angel Johnson from the first moment he met her. Not only was she cute and sweet, but she wasn’t wary of him like many of the other waitresses at Cloud 9. In hiding for the last 2 years, Angel has been through much but being around Vadim makes her forget her problems. But when her stalker returns, Angel realizes she was never truly safe.

Overall, Sweetest Surrender didn’t take me long to read and it was a good way to pass a few hours. Heavily focused on the relationship between Vadim and Angel, there’s also some suspense with Angel’s stalker who has tracked her down in Vegas. Vadim immediately steps in to protect Angel and though his tactics are a bit heavy-handed and manipulative, his heart is in the right place. Vadim is used to taking charge and making decisions and a slight lack of social skills means he doesn’t always consider how his actions might be perceived by others. Angel reads him the riot act and calls him out the few times Vadim oversteps so I was happy to see her inner strength. Angel might be afraid of her stalker finding her, but she’s not a cowering damsel. I appreciated Angel’s fire mixed with her sweet personality; she’s a natural caretaker and a genuinely good person.

I will admit that I never really understood why the other female employees were supposed to be afraid of Vadim. It was brought up several times and it really felt more like a tactic to make her look special compared to everyone else. But considering Angel and Vadim’s pasts, they both deserve some happiness and someone who’s perfect.

3 stars – it was good
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Book Details

A woman on the run…

Angel has been on her own for two years, moving from place to place to outrun her past. With no family and few friends to lean on, she’s managed to keep her secrets and stay safe. But when her past suddenly catches up to her, she has a choice to make. Run or stay and claim her life once more.

He’ll stop at nothing to protect her…

Vadim has never let anyone close to him—until Angel. From the first time he met her, everything changed. As a private consultant for Wyatt Christiansen, he’s good with computers and he’s got connections to unearth people’s deepest, darkest secrets. When Angel’s life is threatened Vadim steps in and uses all his resources to end the threat once and for all. As the danger closes in, he lies to her in an effort to protect her, not realizing that even once the threat is eliminated, he might lose her anyway.

Published by KR Press, LLC on March 30, 2014

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