ARC REVIEW: Hot Response by Shannon Stacey

Contemporary Romance

Hot Response #4


5 Stars Rating

My Review

Happily Ever After Book Nerd Recommended Read

Cait Tasker thought moving back into her mother’s home after her step-father’s sudden death was going to be temporary. But after 6 months, her mother and younger brother are still struggling to cope. Starting something with firefighter Gavin Boudreau might be a mistake but Cait can’t resist him and she’s tired of putting her love life on hold.

I always enjoy Shannon Stacey’s books and Hot Response was no exception. The Boston Fire series is probably my favorite series by Stacey and I was so excited when more books were announced. Hot Response started out great with Cait reluctantly attracted to Gavin and Gavin, a charmer, confused over Cait’s obvious dislike of him. After a picture of Gavin checking out Cait’s butt ends up on Instagram (hilarious moment by the way), Cait realizes the attraction is mutual and things quickly move toward a relationship. I loved watching the usually confident and charming Gavin get all flustered around Cait. He gets thrown completely off his game when it comes to her and it was actually adorable; mostly because Gavin is such a good sport about it.

Gavin really was an excellent hero and pretty much perfect. He’s cocky in all the right ways but still incredibly romantic and his respect for Cait’s professional skills is obvious. Gavin really has that boyish charm and gentlemanly respect and I was in love with  him almost from the beginning! He recognizes pretty early on that he wants more than casual with Cait but he also senses she’ll be a bit skittish about that feared L-word. But Cait jumps in with both feet and I loved the natural intimacy they share. Gavin quickly gets his mojo back while Cait keeps him on his toes. They were truly perfect together.

Gavin and Cait aren’t the only great things in this book. Family, whether by blood or not, is always a big part of Shannon Stacey’s books and the brotherhood in the firehouse is really tight. I enjoyed seeing characters from the previous books as well as new characters that will be in future books. I’m so excited for the next two Boston Fire books!

5 out of 5 stars

Copy provided by NetGalley

Content Notes

Firefighters • EMTs

Reader Safety
Death of a stepparent prior to the start of the book; secondary character struggling with grief

Book Details

Gavin Boudreau lives for the job, but he also believes in “work hard, play harder.” As the youngest guy in Ladder 37, he figures he’s got plenty of time before settling down becomes a priority. Soft, pretty women who aren’t looking for promises are exactly his type, and he’s comfortable with that. Working with a gorgeous EMT isn’t going to change who he is.

The last thing Cait Tasker needs in her personal life is a firefighter whose challenges on-scene have been a thorn in her side from minute one. Her plate’s too full for a man anyway. Back in her childhood home to help her family cope with an unexpected tragedy, she’s got enough to handle without throwing a hot, testosterone-laden fireman into the mix.

As long days on the job lead to long nights together, Gavin and Cait will discover how far temptation can take them—and what happens when the one you thought was all wrong for you turns out to be the person you can’t live without.

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