REVIEW: Natural Enemies by Roan Parrish

Roan Parrish-Natural Enemies

5 Stars Rating


Book Details

Natural Enemies by Roan Parrish
April 17, 2018 by Monster Press
Genre: LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

When opposites attract, love blooms in unexpected places.

Buttoned-up botanist Stefan Albemarle has felt like an outsider his whole life. As a result, he mostly keeps to himself—makes it easier not to notice that no matter how he tries, people think he’s a know-it-all and a snob.

Freewheeling urban gardener Milo Rios has worked hard to get where he is, and he’s passionate about his job at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He can get along with almost anyone, but no one has ever made him care enough to stick around.

When Stefan and Milo meet on Milo’s tour of the Botanic Garden, it’s hatred at first clash. But hatred quickly turns to lust as Milo shows Stefan how exquisite it can feel to lose the control he’s clung to for so long. As Stefan’s mask begins to slip, Milo sees a deep vulnerability in the prim academic. Once he’s experienced Milo’s world, Stefan can admit that he wants more from life than professional success. If they can work together, Stefan and Milo just might be able to cultivate the future they both yearn for.

This novella was previously published in the Exposed collection.

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My Review

When botanist Stefan Albemarle finds out he was passed over for a charity calendar of successful men he decides to seek out his competition. Milo Rios has made a name for himself at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and there’s nothing he loves more than being surrounded by his plants and sharing that joy with others. When straight-laced Stefan shows up for a tour, Milo can’t figure out what his deal is but he knows he’s attracted to the man. As these opposites spend more time together, sparks fly, but Stefan isn’t used to having someone on his side and he’s not sure he can trust this newfound relationship with Milo.

I really enjoyed this one by Roan Parrish, but I might be biased because I love her writing! Milo was absolutely wonderful and I adored him every second of this book. Milo is confident, charming, and not afraid to take control. His life was completely changed when he discovered planets and his ability to make them grow and I love that he wanted to give that back to others. He loves his job with the Botanical Garden and his work with high school teens was so admirable. Stefan was a little hard to warm up to at first but it was great to watch him come out of his shell and find some happiness. He’s been alone a long time and at first he doesn’t know what to think about Milo but he can’t deny his attraction. Together they were on fire and it’s no doubt that Roan Parrish is a master at writing sexy characters.

5 stars – loved it!


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