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Tess Diamond-Be a Good Girl

3 Stars Rating


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Be A Good Girl by Tess Diamond
FBI #3
Suspense Romance

Abigail Winthrop’s life changed forever when her best friend, Cass, was taken and killed by the notorious serial killer Dr. X. Many years later Abby, now a journalist, wants to write a story about her friend but in the course of her investigation, she discovers that the wrong man is in prison and Cass’s killer is still free. Abby knows the only way to solve this is to enlist the help of her childhood friend, FBI agent Paul Harrison. But Paul has worked hard to move on from the death of his high school girlfriend, Cass, and ever since that fateful night two years ago when Paul and Abby kissed, things haven’t been the same between them. But neither can turn away from justice for Cass especially when they realize her killer is still hunting.

Be a Good Girl was a great suspense that I quickly read through, desperately trying to figure out who the killer was. With a closed case from so long ago, Abby and Paul know they have their work cut out for them and I enjoyed putting together the puzzle pieces even if most of my guesses were wrong. For the most part, this book is concentrated on the mystery and there’s very little romance plot. I would have enjoyed a little bit more one-on-one time for Paul and Abby to bond and connect by sharing parts of their lives. For instance, in a previous book Paul had a harrowing experience with a serial killer and it’s left him struggling with PTSD. Abby finds out about this experience through another person but her and Paul never actually talk about it themselves. It’s been such a huge part of Paul’s life and I wanted those emotional moments when two characters share their struggles. However, Abby and Paul’s long history as friends helped connect their characters and make their love story more believable. They have a very rich history and both have been suppressing feelings for the other so that emotion is already there in the relationship.

“I follow the rules. It’s who I am. But you…you make me want to break all the rules.”

My favorite part of this book was probably Abby and I absolutely loved her dogged determination to find justice for Cass as well as to stop a vicious murderer. Abby refuses to let anything stand in her way, from Paul’s protectiveness to her own fragile emotions where Cass is concerned. She knew going in that getting all the nitty gritty details of Cass’s death was going to be exceptionally painful but she was willing to put herself through it to find the truth and make things right. One of Abby’s greatest traits is her inner strength which is truly inspiring. This book is all about female empowerment and Paul’s respect for all of the incredibly talented women he works with is wonderful to read. In fact, all of Tess Diamond’s books have strong female leads that are supported by their male counterpoints.

Paul himself is also very intelligent and a great FBI agent but I do feel like he took a bit of a backseat to the story and that this was really Abby’s investigation throughout. That being said, Paul is an all-around great guy that you just genuinely like from the beginning. To help out with the investigation Paul brings in his forensic and tech expert Zooey and I could definitely tell that Dimond was setting her up to be the heroine of hopefully the next book. We get to see a little bit more into Zooey’s history and how she ended up as an FBI agent, which was a fascinating story, but we also really got to see the young genius at work. I also have my guess for who her hero will be and we’ll just say that if I’m right those two are definitely going to make sparks.

3 stars – it was good
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Reader Safety

References to killer who kidnaps, keeps, and eventually kills teenage girls

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Book Details

As the head of an elite FBI unit, Special Agent Paul Harrison seems to have everything figured out, but beneath the surface, an internal war is raging. When he returns to his rural hometown for the first time in a few years, he’s faced with the memories that led to his losing the love of his life.

Fifteen years ago, Abigail Winthrop’s best friend, and Paul’s girlfriend, was murdered by the infamous serial killer Doctor X. Now an investigative journalist, she’s determined to find the truth. But when Abigail discovers evidence that clears Doctor X, she realizes the real killer is still out there and is striking again when local young girls begin disappearing.

Turning to Paul for help, Abigail joins forces with him. As an undeniable attraction develops between them, they must heal deep wounds from their past—and find a relentless psychopath who could extinguish their hopes for a future together.

Published by Avon on March 27, 2018

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