REVIEW: Fury & Darkness by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Fury & Darkness

Book Details

Fury & Darkness by Anna Hackett
Series: Warriors of the Wind #3
Published: November 20, 2017 by Anna Hackett (reissue)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Billionaire Luca Venti is CEO of Venti Enterprises and the Warrior of the volatile North Wind. He is used to giving orders and being in charge, and as he hunts a deadly Tempest Wind in the heart of Venice, he refuses to ask for help. But the vice of rage beats within him, and when he discovers his new personal assistant is really a spy, his fury demands to be unleashed.

Rayne Santini was sent to monitor Luca, not to get involved with him and his explosive temper. But as she watches him fight the evil he’s hunting and struggle against his vice, she refuses to stand by and do nothing. But convincing the stubborn Luca to accept her help is the biggest challenge she’s ever faced. Drawn together, their white-hot desire threatens to burn brighter than Luca’s fury…and as his control crumbles, the only thing standing between him and destruction is Rayne.

Skye Santini has lived her life in the shadows and hiding from the horrors of her past. Tired of always being afraid, she vows that now is her chance to make a difference. She will be the sacrifice to appease Soren Venti, the Warrior of the East Wind, who has succumbed to his vice of greed. The fate of the world rests on her slim shoulders.

Locked away in his villa on Lake Como, Soren has no memory of his identity. He is driven only by the whispers of greed to take, own, and possess…but then one small woman enters his domain. Mesmerized by Skye’s quiet beauty and hidden strength, Soren finds something he wants more than everything else. But a dangerous enemy is bearing down on them. The final Tempest Wind wants Soren to join him and rule the world…and he knows that Skye is the only thing standing in his way.

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My Review


3 Stars Rating

The evil Tempest winds are still at it and now it’s the oldest brother Luca Venti’s time to overcome his anger and fury and defeat Caesius. Luca was the epitome of the powerful millionaire alpha and he struggles throughout the book to keep a clear head from the anger. Rayne Santini is working as Luca’s assistant but is actually an Aurae, a seasonal breeze, sent to monitor Luca and see what the Warriors of the Wind are up to. Rayne’s mother is the leader of the Aurae and she plans to keep the Aurae out of the fight this time, but Rayne doesn’t completely agree with her mother’s mandates. I liked Rayne’s fire and her determination to help Luca no matter how dangerous. Rayne is wary around Luca initially because she grew up with an angry, abusive step-father so she’s leery of Luca’s struggle with control. However, she quickly realizes the good man he is and of course that she loves him. I did feel like Rayne changed her mind really fast on getting involved romantically with a Warrior, but the story is pretty short so page time is limited.

**Reader Safety: Reference to past abuse including childhood sexual assault of a sibling

3 stars – it was good

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3 Stars Rating

Soren Venti has almost succumbed to his vice, greed, and with no memory of who he is, his brothers must find a way to knock Soren out of it. With no other options, Skye Santini volunteers herself to seduce Soren and hope her Aurae powers bring back his memory. But seducing a man is not a simple task for Skye who is still fighting her childhood demons of abuse and assault. With Soren, Skye feels safe and desired and she’s ready to stop letting her fear dictate her life. The longer Soren spends with Skye, the more he feels in control of the greed. But Apeliotus is a dangerous Tempest Wind and he’s determined to push Soren over the edge. One of the things I love the most about this finale is that Skye isn’t the warrior that the other women in this series have been. Because of her past, Skye has stayed pretty sheltered but her inner strength is immense and I really liked her gentle nature.

**Reader Safety: References to past abuse and childhood sexual assault

3 stars – it was good

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