REVIEW: Sinful Seduction by Katie Reus

Sinful Seduction

4 Stars Rating

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Sinful Seduction by Katie Reus
Red Stone Security #8
Suspense Romance

Mina Hollingsworth has been a living a quiet life in Key West, away from her billionaire father and his disapproval. But when Mina is almost kidnapped off the street she realizes her past has caught up with her. Stepping in to save an innocent woman, Alexander Blue finds himself captivated by Mina and he’s determined to protect her no matter what. There’s just something about Mina that grabbed his heart and wouldn’t let go.

Another action packed suspense romance, Sinful Seduction was a quick read. Someone is after Mina and when she can’t get in contact with her father or his head of security she truly begins to worry. She thought she had hidden her identity well in Key West but someone knows who she is and when Blue offers to protect Mina, she can’t say no. There’s something so calming and peaceful about Blue and she truly feels safe around him. There was a small contradiction when Mina and Blue first meet and Mina notices he’s carrying a gun but she still takes him home with her to check on his injured hand. An armed stranger (what?) but past that Mina is incredibly smart about her situation. She knows she needs protection and doesn’t fight Blue on his desire to bring in Red Stone and more bodyguards.

Blue was a great hero, protective, sweet, and supportive of Mina. These two fall really fast when they instantly connect and find solace in each other. I personally don’t mind insta-love so I really enjoyed watching Mina and Blue fall for each other.

4 out of 5 stars

Tags: Bodyguard | Millionaire | Rescued by Love Interest | Security

Reader Safety

Death of a parent

Book Details

He’ll do anything to protect her….

Former Marine and newest Red Stone Security employee Alexander Blue is still adjusting to the civilian world after a decade spent at war, but when he sees someone in danger, nothing can take away that intrinsic need to protect. After stopping a would-be mugger, Blue finds himself being bandaged up by a sensual local artist in her Key West condo. He never expected to stay the night, even if it is on her couch. The mysterious Mina gets under his skin in a way he never thought possible. When it becomes clear that her mugging wasn’t random and she’s being targeted by deadly men, Blue has no problem stepping into the role of protector.

But she doesn’t want to be saved

Tired of being coddled and treated like a child, Mina has tried to distance herself from her family. When danger finds her, she’s forced to turn to the sexy stranger who she feels a strong, unexpected connection with. In him she sees glimmers of herself; a little broken, withdrawn and wary of the world. Soon she learns that the biggest threat might not be from the men trying to kidnap her, but from the quiet warrior who poses an immediate risk to her heart.

Published by KR Press, LLC on April 28, 2014

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