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Cyborg by Anna Hackett
Galactic Gladiators #10
Science Fiction Romance

Ever Haynes has been through the ringer since being kidnapped by the Thraxians and sent to the deadly fight ring of Zaabha. Her one solace was her night with cyborg Magnus Rone after he was captured and thrown in her cell. Finally rescued, Ever is pregnant with Magnus’s baby but the man she’s falling for doesn’t remember their night after a malfunction to his cyborg systems. Magnus uses his emotional dampeners to keep everything out but Ever short circuits him in a way he’s never experienced. Determined to take down Zaabha and rescue the last human survivor, Magnus and Ever refuse to give up on their mission no matter how dangerous it gets.

I devoured Cyborg in a single night and it’s action, adventure, and romance was all a wonderful mix. The Gladiators are getting closer and closer to taking down Zaabha and I can’t wait to see those sandsuckers defeated! With Sam Santos still held captive by the Thraxians the gladiators and other humans are working overtime to locate the fight rings and bring her home. But that’s not Ever’s only worry and since coming to stay at the House of Rone she’s fighting to find the man she remembers inside the cyborg. I really loved Ever’s compassion and her refusal to give up on Magnus. She’s been through so much but she never gives up nor does she cower from her fear. She’s wants to stay far away from Zaabha but her honor demands that she fight for Sam like Sam did for her.

“His woman from Earth had a steel-hard spine, grit, and the heart of a cyborg. She terrified him.”

Protecting Ever and their unborn baby is all that matters to Magnus and though he can’t remember their night together he knows that Ever is important to him. Magnus was a great hero and his devotion to Ever was so sweet from a character who’s been so stoic. Bred and raised to be an assassin, Magnus is used to being on his own, so opening up to Ever and admitting his feelings is hard but he’s also tired of being alone. If anyone was in need of a hug it was Magnus and I’m so glad that Ever was willing to fight for her man!

I won’t give anything away about the ending but I can’t wait for Galen and Sam’s book after that preview we got. I’ve been anxiously awaiting Galen’s story from the beginning and it looks like Sam is going to give him a run for his money. Knowing that we’re approaching the downfall of Zaabha I worried that this series was coming to an end but a note at the back of the book has me excited for more gladiators. And, fingers crossed, the cyborg Jaxer will be one of them.

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Heroine was kidnapped and held captive (referenced, on page)

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Book Details

Ever has been fighting for her life since her abduction, and the only good thing to happen to her was one heated night with a mysterious prisoner–a connection, a flash of light in the darkness. But then he was rescued and she was left behind. Now, weeks later, she’s been saved by the House of Galen gladiators…and by the man she shared the hottest night of her life with. But cool, emotionless cyborg Magnus Rone has no memory of their night together and finding out that she’s expecting his baby is a shock to everyone.

Created in a military program, Magnus is genetically and cybernetically enhanced–emotionless, ruthless, focused. He vows to protect Ever and the baby she carries, and despite his lack of memory, everything about tough, levelheaded Ever draws him in. All his life, his emotional dampeners and training have limited his ability to feel emotions…but one small Earth woman cuts through all that and leaves him feeling.

As they work together to hunt down the deadly desert arena of Zaabha and the final human woman trapped there, Ever and Magnus find a stunning passion neither can resist or ignore. But in the dangerous desert sands of Carthago, with the House of Galen gladiators by their sides, deadly enemies are closing in. Ever and Magnus will be dragged back into the darkness, and Magnus will do anything and sacrifice everything to keep her safe.

Published by Anna Hackett on April 1, 2018

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