ARC REVIEW: Hot Target by April Hunt

Romance, Suspense

Alpha Security #4

He simply wanted to protect her in general, not because she wasn’t strong enough to deal.


Rating 3 Stars

Rachel Kline has come a long way from her kidnapping at the hands of drug lord Diego Fuentes. But when her best friend is in trouble, Rachel rushes to Las Vegas to find her. She never planned to be arrested in a brothel raid and she especially never expected to be rescued by Logan Callahan who she just spent a sexy night with. Logan has wanted Rachel from the moment he met her and he’s so in awe of her strength as she’s recovered. Logan will do anything to protect Rachel, find her friend, and prove that he wants more than just a one night stand.

Hot Target was a quick, fast paced read with lots of action in the bright lights of Vegas. The story immediately jumps into things and stays at the edge of your seat the whole way through with a small slow down in the center for Logan and Rachel to connect emotionally. Rachel has overcome so much up to this point and Logan has supported her through all of it. Logan’s past as a military sniper has changed how he sees himself and how others see him and this has greatly affected how close he gets to others. In this sense, they worked really well together because they understand what it means to struggle and remain disconnected.

While the plot was fun and adventurous, I did feel like the characterization depended too much on having read the previous books. Rachel was first introduced in Heated Pursuit when she’s rescued from Fuentes, but it’s been so long since I’ve read that one that I struggled to really understand her. I had no problem following the plot but there wasn’t enough backstory to grab onto and connect with. Everything felt very surface level, especially the development of the romance between Logan and Rachel. This was the only thing that stood out negatively and I wanted more from it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by Netgalley. All thoughts expressed in this review are my honest opinion.

Content Notes

One Night Stand
Overcoming Trauma

Possible Triggers
References to captivity, forced drug use, and abuse

Book Details

How did a nice girl like Rachel Kline end up in a jail cell in Vegas? Don’t even ask. She came to Sin City to find her missing friend and accidentally got swept up in a police raid. Even worse, she’s being bailed out by the last man she wants to see right now: the irresistibly sexy, infuriatingly cocky Alpha op who rescued her a year ago. What are the odds?

Logan Callahan is six-and-a-half feet of solid muscle and Texas charm, a hard-fighting ex-Marine with a soft spot for Rachel. He’s more than obliged to hang up his cowboy hat and help her out. But when someone takes a shot at her, he knows there’s a good chance what happens in Vegas won’t stay there. With targets on their backs and killers on their tails, it’s one high-risk game they’re playing. And it’s not just their hearts that are on the line.

Published by Forever Yours on April 10, 2018

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