Confessions of a Romance Reader

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I am obsessed with this genre.

Ok this isn’t all that surprising considering I have a blog dedicated to romance books. But it is very true! I read almost exclusively in the romance genre and I manage about 2-3 books a week depending on what’s going on in life. It’s pretty much my greatest passion, my most enjoyable hobby, and sometimes the center of my world (sorry family and friends, lol).

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I judge a book by it’s cover…model.

Let’s be honest, we all judge books by their covers. There are just too many choices out there and something has to help us decide what to read. But sometimes it has nothing to do with the design or layout but instead the cover model. I can’t help what I’m attracted to and sometimes a cover model is just so not my type. This doesn’t mean I won’t read the book but it might influence my initial impressions of the characters. Sometimes it’s awkward poses or “sexy” intense stares that are actually creepy or mixed signals on the tone of a book. My biggest struggle: I don’t like tattoos on hands *ducks flying objects* I love tattoos (I even have several of my own) but there’s something about hand tattoos that doesn’t work for me.

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I love all the trope-y goodness! Including insta-love.

I love the sometimes predictable nature of romance books. I read romance to escape from the real world which can be truly f-ed up sometimes. I want to know when I start a book that I’m getting a happy ending and that’s the key for romance. I love knowing that when I pick up a fake dating trope I’m going to get tension, chemistry, probably some laughs. When I pick up an enemies to lovers trope I’m going to get snark, banter, and angry sex. And you know what, I want my characters to be happy so if that means they fall in love instantly, more power to them.

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Yes, I do get ideas from the romance books I read.

People learn, grow, and are influenced by everything they read so why should romance be any different? When I was a teenager, romance books taught me how a guy should treat a woman, it taught me that I was worth it and deserved a loving and caring relationship. It also taught me that I can enjoy sex and it can be fun, sexy, and adventurous if I want it to be. I won’t lie, I’ve read sex scenes in romance books and turned around and tried them in the bedroom…you’re welcome husband…sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but either way, I learned there’s nothing wrong with going after what I wanted.

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I will read any chance I get. ANY CHANCE.

My TBR pile is out of control and I’m totally aware of the fact that I’ll probably die an old lady before I read everything I want to read. But that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot! I read at home, on my work breaks, riding in the car, and sometimes when I’m walking. I’ll be watching a movie with my husband and he’ll pause it to get a snack and I’ll read then too even if it means I’ll only get through maybe 2 pages. Am I doing anything? No? Then it’s a perfect time to read! Ebooks and the option to read on my phone have greatly increased my ability to read anywhere, anytime.

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I have declined parties or events just so I can stay home and read.

So, yes, I’ve done this but I will point out that I’m also introverted and after a long work week I don’t want to go spend time around other people. But there have been a few times where I was really into a book and just had to finish it, so I declined to go somewhere. Some of my friends get it and I can be honest and say, “I want to finish my book, sorry”, but others get a gentle, “I have other plans”.

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When people ask what I’m reading, sometimes I lie.

I’m not ashamed that I read romance books but that doesn’t mean that I want to get into a debate every time I tell someone what I’m reading. I’m good at figuring out who will get all prudish about romance novels, so when they ask me what I’m reading, sometimes I’ll lie and give the name of another book I read recently that has a more neutral sounding title. I mean answering something like Slave to Sensation is definitely going to get some reactions. Sometimes I want that fight, sometimes I just want to get back to reading.

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I’ve never read [insert author name]…

So there are some big names that I’ve just never read and when I tell other romance readers, they are just SHOCKED! Sometimes it’s prolific authors and I don’t know where to start, but other times they’re just not at the top of my interest list. Some I have on my TBR list and I’ll get there eventually but some may never happen. A few examples include Brenda Jackson, Maya Banks, Beverly Jenkins, Alisha Rai, Susan Mallery, Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas, Julie Ann Walker, and Kristen Ashley.

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What confessions do you have?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Romance Reader

  1. Haha, great post! I can definitely confess to getting ideas in the bedroom part. I honestly feel great about that especially when it works out well. I also read during pauses of shows or a movie we’re watching together. I used to lie about what I’m reading to people but now I just throw it out there and people are either shocked or they’re like huh, okay. Sometimes I’ll just give a book description that ends with “there’s some hot sex in here too”. I’m just a wow factor type of personality, lol. I can also relate to your not read author list. I tried Kristen Ashley but didn’t think she was all that. Beverly Jenkins is on my TBR though as well just because I don’t often read African American authors and I feel like I should.

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  2. OMG, Alex. I can relate to EVERYTHING! Did you read my journal? haha
    *Judging a book by its cover. Heck, even the title!
    *Reading at every pause of a movie. Sometimes, I won’t even watch the movie. I felt so bad one day because my husband and I took our 9yo daughter to see a movie and I read the whole time. In my defense, the movie was boring. I did hide my kindle so my daughter wouldn’t know.
    *Reading at red lights or while stuck in traffic. Yikes!
    *I’ve pulled out my kindle in social situations! You know, because there are times I have to be physically present but mentally, I don’t gotta. No.Shame.
    I can go on and on but you hit the nail in the head.

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