Let’s Talk About Point of View

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Welcome to my new blog series, Let’s Talk, where I’ll be dissecting all the parts of a romance book from the covers to the characters. I’ll share some of my favorites, talk about pet peeves, and discuss why each element is so important to the overall story.

Point of view can be an interesting topic and I’ve seen it often debated among readers in terms of preference. So I’ll take a short look at POV and what I prefer for romance novels. The two main types a reader sees are first person and third person and every once in a while an author will thrown in the present tense.

Back in the day I used to really dislike first person POV and I honestly don’t know why. Looking back, I can’t really identity what I was unhappy about, because now I have nothing wrong with first person or third person. I prefer third person because I find it easier to keep track of which character’s POV I’m in but either is fine with me. In terms of first person present tense, it really depends on the skills of the author. In general, I don’t like present tense, I think because it’s less common so it sounds odd when I come across it. That being said, if the book is interesting and captivating, I’ll quickly forget that I’m reading present tense.

So here’s where I can be a stickler for point of view…when reading romance I want the POV of both characters in the relationships. Looking into the minds and emotions of characters is a big part of why I read romance and I want to immerse myself in all parts of it. When a book only has the POV of one character I feel like I’m getting cheated. I also thinks it’s important to have both love interests’ point of view because it makes for a more convincing love story when the reader can see the motivations of both sides. Now that doesn’t mean that a romance can’t be believable if it’s just one POV and I’ll still read it but I feel it’s a greater challenge for the author to convince me with only one side to the story.

Point of view can be very personal for the author and the reader. It’s a journey that the author takes the reader on and the reader falls in love alongside the characters. If an author wants me to believe their love story, then I want to be selfish and see all of it.

Come back in April to check out the next in the Let’s Talk series where I’ll be covering setting and worldbuilding.

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Do you have point of view preferences?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Point of View

  1. I don’t have preferences as long as it’s well done and fits the story. I’d rather have a good single POV than multiple poorly executed. Multiple POV are a real challenge as each has to be easily identified by its own “voice” not just because you begin the chapter with the character’s name 😉

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