REVIEW: WolfHeart by Konstantina P.


2 Stars Rating


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WolfHeart by Konstantina P.
November 19, 2017 by Konstantina P
Genre: Fantasy Romance

In the middle of the war between two powerful species that revealed the supernatural world to Humans, two people try to find their place among their kind and with each other while battling not only the circumstances, but their own nature too.

Steven -a Werewolf Prince- inherited his Alpha powers after murdering a rabid wolf but in doing so he disrupted the equilibrium inside his family’s pack where the power should pass from mother to daughter. Now, with both him and his sister Jen being Alphas and laden with guilt, Steven has to keep his head down and follow orders; play the good soldier in a war he detests.

When Jen sends him on a mission that will take him and his pack out of pack land for the first time, he finds Cora -the Magic Princess- born the first year of the war and believed to be the most powerful Magic that has ever walked the earth. The Anders Werewolves though cannot survive long outside their land and Jen hates Magics with passion after they kidnapped and killed her mate. Wolves mate for life so, determined to take her revenge, Jen leaves her brother to struggle with his own morality; save a girl who has spend her entire life being tortured by her own people or keep quiet and maintain his position at his sister’s side, keeping their people united?

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My Review

I have to admit I’m very conflicted over WolfHeart and it’s probably closer to a 2.5 but I don’t generally rank on half stars. There were some great things about the book but in a lot of ways it just wasn’t to my personal preference which is why I rated it like I did.

Overall, I loved the idea behind the book and especially liked that the werewolf packs are matriarchal. The problems that arise from Steven’s sudden development of Alpha powers present a unique story line as he’s in constant conflict with his sister, Jen, who rules the Anders’ land. In a lot of ways this felt more like a fantasy then a romance, with it’s intricate world and warring groups. There was a lot of detail but I did find myself wondering if this was set in a modern time that was affected by the war or if it was from the past. The story was told from 3rd person omniscient as if someone not connected was telling a story and knew everything going on for each character. I’ve never really read a book with this POV so it took some adjusting but it was nice to see into the thoughts of so many characters. Of course, that also means that I never felt like we got really deep into Steven or Cora’s thoughts and emotions; there was a slight detachment. However, Konstantina P. does a pretty good job of expressing character emotion through actions and words.

I really liked Cora’s character who is struggling with her witch abilities which have set her apart from not only her own people but also among the werewolf packs. The wolves hate Magics so they are naturally distrustful of Cora and she starts out as their prisoner. Over time she proves her innocence, her compassion, and her selflessness as she saves the lives of many of the wolves. To some extent, Cora is almost too perfect and forgiving; I wanted her to stay angry with Jen and Steven for what they put her through because good lord, it’s pretty awful. Cora’s life has been anything but simple or caring but she never gives up on the goodness of other people.

My biggest issue was with Steven who I never really warmed up to as a hero. He starts out cold and harsh with Cora but he also sees her as an enemy, so it’s understandable. Over time, Steven finds he’s attracted to Cora but the push and pull of his actions were too much for me. I tend to lean toward sweeter, nicer heroes and Steven was a mix of gentle and then aggressive and angry when he believes Cora has betrayed the wolves. He sleeps with her and then pushes her away over and over again. I know some readers like the redemption of a hero, so Steven might be perfect for others but it was just a pass for me.

**Reader Safety: References and scenes of child abuse, neglect, and torture

2 stars – it was ok

Book provided by the author for honest review


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