ARC REVIEW: The Little Library by Kim Fielding

Kim Fielding-The Little Library

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

The Little Library by Kim Fielding
March 26, 2018 by Riptide Publishing
Genre: LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

Elliott Thompson was once a historian with a promising academic future, but his involvement in a scandal meant a lost job, public shame, and a ruined love life. He took shelter in his rural California hometown, where he teaches online classes, hoards books, and despairs of his future.

Simon Odisho has lost a job as well—to a bullet that sidelined his career in law enforcement. While his shattered knee recovers, he rethinks his job prospects and searches for the courage to come out to his close-knit but conservative extended family.

In an attempt to manage his overflowing book collection, Elliott builds a miniature neighborhood library in his front yard. The project puts him in touch with his neighbors—for better and worse—and introduces him to handsome, charming Simon. While romance blooms quickly between them, Elliott’s not willing to live in the closet, and his best career prospects might take him far away. His books have plenty to tell him about history, but they give him no clues about a future with Simon.

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My Review

I really enjoyed this, especially Elliott’s love of books which I can totally understand, though my hoarding is mostly digital, to my husband’s ever lasting happiness. Told completely from Elliott’s POV, I loved watching as he found himself and his confidence again. His ex-boyfriend’s betrayal royally ruined Elliott’s life and he’s just starting to get back on his feet. Elliott is so incredibly sweet that I wanted everything to work out for him immediately because I couldn’t stand his unhappiness. Considering his circumstances, this book overall was very light and uplifting and it was the perfect weekend read.

Simon acts as a great partner for Elliott and he too goes through his own journey as he comes to terms with his family finding out about his sexual orientation. He’s embraced his orientation for himself and wants to find love but he also doesn’t want to disappoint his large, religious family. As Simon and Elliott grow closer, you can really see the struggle he goes through to find a way to make their relationship work out in the long run. I’m so happy that Amy Fielding included Simon’s coming out in the story because it’s such a turning point. When Simon brings Elliott to visit his family for the holidays, it was like a fist squeezing my heart; it was so beautiful and I got choked up. Elliott’s support was everything and even though Simon struggles with the results afterward you know the love these two share can overcome anything.

4 stars – it was enjoyable

ARC provided by NetGalley for honest review


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