REVIEW: Zombie Wonderland by Piper Vaughn


Rating 4 Stars

Emery has been crushing on a diner customer for a while now and this Christmas, when Emery is stuck alone at the diner, he’s hoping to see Ross. He just never expected Ross to burst in, covered in blood and shouting that they need to leave. Emery never expected a zombie invasion and he’s shocked but thankful for Ross’s competence in getting them to safety. Even more surprising is that Ross might share Emery’s feelings.

This was really short but still an enjoyable read with lots of zombies and a bit of romance. There’s non-stop action from the beginning as Emery and Ross try to make it to Ross’s grandfather’s cabin where they’ll be safe. I was pulled into the action immediately and pleasantly grossed out by the zombie gore. Sounds weird, but what else do you expect when you read a book with zombies. Emery was adorably sweet and every time he would panic, I just wanted to hug him. But thankfully, Ross was there to help Emery and keep him calm; these two worked so well together. Since it’s really short and told all from Emery’s POV, there’s a lot about Ross that is left a mystery. I really wanted more of an explanation for Ross’s skills and how he was able to stay so calm about everything. At one point, he explains that his grandfather, who was a paranoid veteran, taught him how to take care of himself and set up the cabin, but it’s just mentioned briefly. Overall, a fun and quick read with a budding relationship and plenty of zombie action.

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Romance, LGBTQ+, Science Fiction   Piping Hot Books    December 6, 2011

Nothing says Christmas like droves of the undead…. 

All Emery wants for Christmas is someone to share it with. It looks like he might finally be getting his wish in Ross, the sexy customer he’s been crushing on for months. But neither of them counted on the zombies or on being caught in the worst blizzard in half a century. Even with a plan for contending with the zombie hordes, surviving will take a miracle. 

It’s not exactly how Emery dreamed of spending Christmas with Ross, but he can’t think of a better way to spend a zombie apocalypse.

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