Where do my books come from?

Where Do My Books Come From

I read both digital and print and I’ll get my books from several sources, like the public library, used book stores, Amazon/Kindle. So this got me wondering about some data on where my books come from. I happen to love statistics so I was somewhat surprised that I haven’t explored this idea before. So I came up with a plan to track the books I read for 2018 and get some answers.

I’ve created a spreadsheet where I can track the sources and formats of my books. I’ll be breaking books into the following categories:

Type of Read > New or ReRead

From the Library > Physical, Digital or Audio

Owned Books > Physical or Digital

ARCs > Physical or Digital

At the end of 2018 I’ll do a post that shares the results of my data. I feel like I read pretty evenly between the library and my own purchases but the results just from January and the start of February show that most of my books have been free ebooks or purchased ebooks. So who knows how it will turn out?


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