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Katie Reus-His to Protect

4 Stars Rating


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His to Protect by Katie Reus
Red Stone Security #5
Suspense Romance

Charlotte’s marriage was already in shambles when her husband died, but learning he had been cheating on her was a low blow to her confidence. When her husband’s coworker, Kell, shows up at her house, she jumps on the chance to forget all her worries. After an intense night, Kell admits that he’s been in love with Charlotte ever since he met her, but Charlotte panics and takes off. A year later, Charlotte and Kell are both in Miami, but Charlotte has a big secret she needs to see Kell about. Their one night stand wasn’t without consequences — they have a 3 month old son now. Kell has never forgotten his night with Charlotte and he’s never been able to get over her. When he finds out he’s a father, he’s determined to be in Reece’s life and convince Charlotte that they should be together. But when Charlotte witnesses a murder, things get a lot more complicated.

“Kell was a one woman kind of man. And she was his woman.”

I’ve been really enjoying re-reading the Red Stone Security series and though I liked this one, it wasn’t one of my favorites. The action and suspense was good as always but Kell doesn’t necessarily act as Charlotte’s bodyguard. Instead she’s sent to stay with Lizzy and Porter in their super protected high rise. It makes sense but I always like when the hero acts as a bodyguard for the heroine. There was also an interesting twist in the end that I found unique for a romantic suspense. Kell was a great hero and I liked that he was the one with all the feelings to start since it’s usually the woman who has been crushing on the man. Charlotte was overwhelmed by Kell’s feelings a year ago but now she’s in a better place and she’s pretty open to working things through with Kell, especially for the sake of their baby.  Kell really steps up when he finds out he’s a father and he has no problem getting involved in Reece’s life, after all he’s still in love with Reece’s mom. I only wish that there was an indication that Kell had tried to get Charlotte back at some point during their year apart.

My biggest problem with this book was the secret baby trope, which is probably my least favorite trope. This one redeems itself somewhat because Charlotte comes clean a few months after having the baby, instead of several years later. Once she tells Kell, they pretty much just move on from the secret and Kell works to convince that Charlotte that he still wants her. Granted, they have a lot going on with murder investigation, but I think there should have been more to the reveal of the baby. Kell never really gets angry over what he missed and I felt like the ease with which they move on was unrealistic.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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Book Details

No woman ever affected Red Stone Security expert Kell Malone quite like Charlotte Bastien. It’s been a year since that incredibly intense night they spent together and he still can’t get her out of his head. When he discovers she’s in Miami—with their three-month-old son—he’s stunned. Hurt. He’s also determined to know his child, and if she’ll give him the chance, to make a life with the stubborn woman who has sworn off love.

Single mom Charlotte came to Miami to tell Kell about their son, and that’s all—she won’t open her heart just to have it trashed by another man. Unfortunately, Kell makes that hard. He’s everything she wants, and just one look from him unleashes wicked memories and wild desires. When she witnesses a murder and lands on a hit list, Kell steps up to protect her and their son, but winning her love proves to be the hardest mission he’s ever undertaken.

Published by KR Press, LLC on December 29, 2012

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