REVIEW: Levi by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Levi

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Levi by Anna Hackett
Hell Squad #15
Published: January 28, 2018 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Levi King has always lived rough. Raised by a biker dad, he fought for everything he had—including being president of the Iron Kings motorcycle club. But when the aliens invaded, he lost it all. Now he wades through the muck with his fellow berserkers, fighting to protect the last of the human survivors. He fights hard and parties harder, and follows no one’s rules but his own. But then he finds himself fascinated by a mouthy, auburn-haired mechanic who isn’t afraid to give him a piece of her mind.

Chrissy Hagan survived months of alien captivity and now she’s found a purpose at the Enclave—as mechanic in charge of the armored Hunter vehicles. She keeps her babies purring…and hates every scratch the soldiers put on them, especially when a certain arrogant, cocky, and annoying biker is responsible. Did she mention annoying? What about tattooed, man-bunned, and far too sexy? Chrissy and Levi do more than strike sparks of each other…they start full blown infernos, and she isn’t afraid to use her wrench on his hard head when required.

But then a vital mission requires Chrissy to step out of the safety of the Enclave, and sabotage and steal an alien vehicle. Working side by side, desire burns white-hot. Levi discovers he will give everything he’s got to keep Chrissy safe and claim her as his…if they both get through the deadly mission alive.

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My Review

Chrissy thought a trip to Australia would be the perfect vacation, but she never expected aliens to invade the planet. After being rescued from the alien’s human prisons, Chrissy has found her place working on the vehicles at the Enclave. A skilled mechanic, she finally feels like she can be useful in the fight against the raptors. But anytime the vehicles are damaged by the squads they have to contend with Chrissy and she’s not intimated by even the roughest of the men and woman in the squads.

“The rough edges and cockiness didn’t change what he was — a true hero.”

Levi has fought his whole life, from surviving his father’s fists to taking over the Iron King’s motorcycle club and turning it into something to be proud of. Now everything he worked for is gone but he has a new mission to protect the humans trying to hide from the alien raptors. Levi is used to getting what he wants and Chrissy has definitely caught his eye. But it’s obvious it will be an uphill battle if Levi wants to prove he’s right for her.

I’ve loved this series from the very beginning and each new book just makes the experience more enjoyable. On one hand I want to see the humans defeat the aliens but on the other hand I’m not ready for this series to be over! Just like the earlier books there was plenty of action to keep me riveted and I was sucked into the new mission the berserkers get sent on. I also loved getting to see some of the previous characters and couples; another reason why I love this series.

Full of spunk and grease, Chrissy was a wonderful heroine who’s down to earth and not afraid to speak her mind and get what she wants. I love a strong female lead and it was clear that Chrissy could easily step into that role. With a father who never knew what to do with daughters, Chrissy has been trying to prove her worth for a long time and this means she’s determined to work hard and be successful. But not growing up with praise for her work has also left a few vulnerabilities in her tough exterior and when Levi recognizes her mechanical skills, she just about melts in all the best ways.

Acting as a perfect counterpoint, Levi was one dirty, dirty man. He’s always lived on the edge and by his own rules but his honor and protective nature shine through. If you love a bad boy with a heart of gold then Levi is your hero. Once he sets his sights on Chrissy he goes in guns blazing and boy is it hot! Levi’s alpha male aggression isn’t my usual type but I thought that he was a great match for Chrissy who needed someone who could challenge her but also love her exactly as she is. When these two finally come together it sets the page on fire.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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