Top 5: Hidden Gems in Your Favorite Genre

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January 31st: Hidden Gems in Your Favorite Genre — What are some of your favorite books in your favorite genre that don’t get a lot of hype?

I wouldn’t call these books obscure by any means because they all have devoted readers but I do think more people should be obsessing over them like I do. Without a doubt my favorite genre is Romance (no brainer considering this blog) so here are 5 romance books that I think need more attention.

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Vengeance Born (Light Blade #1) by Kylie Griffin

I might be mildly obsessed with this book and the two that follow it! It’s a fantastic fantasy romance set in a fictional world where humans and demons live in opposition to each other. This of course means that we need a forbidden romance between a human and a demon and Kalan and Annika’s story does not disappoint. Any time I think of fantasy romance, this book always comes to mind because I’m fascinated by the world, invested in the character’s success, and desperate for a happy ending for the war between humans and demons. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes romance, fantasy, action, vulnerable but tough heroines, and swoon worthy heroes!

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Marcus (Hell Squad #1) by Anna Hackett

It’s hard for me to express just how much I love this book and it’s series and my poor husband is probably so tired of me always talking about it. I’m a huge fan of science fiction romance and I have a weird fascination with apocalypse romance, so this was right up my alley. An alien invasion destroys this futuristic world and forces humans into hiding in order to survive. But Blue Mountain Base is filled with men and women willing to fight the aliens and take back the planet. I absolutely love this world and every book sucks me in deeper. To quote the book: “Hell Squad, ready to go to hell?” “Hell yeah! The devil needs an ass-kicking!”

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Dark Protector (Paladins of Darkness #1) by Alexis Morgan

For some paranormal romance, I have the biggest soft spot for this book (and again it’s whole series) because it’s all about the forbidden romance of a man who never thought he could have love. Devlin is a Paladin, a warrior fighting the “Others” who are trying to escape their alternate world and enter ours. With the ability to come back from death, Devlin’s life is focused solely on fighting, but he finds solace when things heat up between him and the Paladin’s doctor, Laurel. I love these two and their unexpected passion as they dare to be together. Laurel is the only one who believes the Paladins deserve more than fighting but she has an uphill battle if she wants to be with Devlin.

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Grim Shadows (Roaring Twenties #2) by Jenn Bennett

I love this book and all it’s wonderfulness! I love ancient Egypt and anything themed around it so an archaeologist and a museum curator forced to work together to recover an ancient Egyptian artifact is pretty much my catnip. Lowe is one of my absolute favorite heroes and he reminds me of my massive crush on Brendan Fraser after The Mummy movie. Lowe’s a charmer with a silver tongue but Hadley refuses to be taken in by his arrogance and I love the dynamics between these two. Throw in some paranormal elements and you have a fantastic romance that just won’t quit.

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The Power of Two (2176 #4) by Patti O’Shea

Clearly, science fiction and paranormal romance is my jam since this list is filled with it. This book was actually one of my first in science fiction romances and it’s held on as a favorite through many years and many rereads. Special Forces Captain, Jake, is dedicated to his work and his team in this futuristic world but he never imagined that Cai was a real woman and not a super computer. Connected mentally through a chip in their brains, Jake and Cai are a power team but they’ve never worked together in person and now they’re on their most dangerous mission — pretending to be a couple! I love this book and it’s a go-to when I need to reread something I love.

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