Top 5: Books You Disliked but Love to Discuss

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January 24th: Books You Disliked but Love to Discuss — Some books we disliked or they were just okay, but they still have a lot of discussion points to sink your teeth into.

I’m a rabid reader and there are just so many choices out there that I don’t have the time or brain space to worry about books I dislike. However, there are a few books that immediately came to mind for this topic. So here are my Top 3 books that I dislike but love to discuss.

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Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood #2) by JR Ward

JR Ward is a prominent name in the romance genre but I have to go against the norm and say that I really am not a fan and it’s because of this book. I read Dark Lover, the 1st in the series, and actually enjoyed it and was looking forward to more. But then I read this one and it all imploded in my face. In the romance genre, author trust is very important, meaning I have to trust that the author is going to give me a Happily Ever After and isn’t going to do anything to the characters that I can’t live with.
—SPOILER ALERT— The hero, Rhage, cheats on the heroine, Mary, and he has the flimsiest, stupidest excuse. It was game over for me at that point and I’ll never read another JR Ward book because I can’t trust that this won’t happen again. Every reader has their limits and this is mine.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have read this book twice, both for school assignments, and each time I’ve struggled through the book. This is a classic school reading and I feel terrible for every kid forced to read it. I love to talk about how much I dislike this book and everything that is wrong with it. Some of my dislike may come from the fact that my high school English teacher did an awful job teaching this book. But my biggest problem is how self-centered, arrogant, and annoying every single character is. For me, I want to read about characters that I like and enjoy, so reading about characters I can’t stand is pretty much torture.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

I’ll be honest, I’ve only read a few chapters of this before I had to give up. I did look up the plot of the books though, so I still know what happens. I won’t even get started on how terrible the writing and story telling for this book is. Instead, the reason I dislike this book but love to discuss it is because it’s always mislabeled as a romance genre book. But it’s not! The Fifty Shades trilogy is woman’s fiction or erotica fiction that includes a love story, but it’s not “genre romance” — a distinction that can be confusing for people not immersed in the genre. Now some romance readers would argue that I’m wrong but that’s what makes debating it so great!



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