REVIEW: Fatal Deception by Katie Reus

16065264Rating 4 Stars

After years, Mara finally thought she could move on with her life and find happiness with her new husband, Harrison. But an enemy from her past has landed in Miami, determined to ruin Mara’s life the same why he believes she ruined his. He’ll stop at nothing to hurt her and Mara knows the only way to protect those she loves is to disappear.

Harrison can tell his wife is keeping secrets and he’s well aware he doesn’t know everything about her past, but lately she’s seemed distant in a way she’s never been before. He’s never questioned his wife’s trust but when he finds out she’s running away he can only imagine the worst and the worst is breaking his heart.

Katie Reus writes another great action packed romance, this time about Harrison and Mara who we met in No One to Trust. Now they are married but things aren’t quite blissful for the newlyweds when Mara’s past comes creeping back. She’s kept a lot of secrets from Harrison, scared he’d never love her if knew about her former career and the things she did. A rough upbringing has taught Mara to never trust another person with everything she is and that’s made it hard to open herself completely to Harrison, even though she loves him more than anything. Mara’s struggle to open up was very emotional and you could tell how strongly she loved Harrison and how much it killed her to lie to him.

Harrison himself was also a great character, somewhat stoic, but so deeply in love with his wife that it was beautiful. He’s devastated when believes Mara is leaving him and it strains their relationship for a bit but they eventually work through things. It obvious that neither one wants to give up on the marriage but they’re both confronting personal demons not to mention fighting a real life enemy. I especially the loved the chemistry between these two and they spent plenty of pages burning up the sheets — or whatever surface was close enough. Harrison is a dominant and possessive man but he’s also incredibly sweet with Mara and their intimate scenes show that he might be in control in the bedroom but it’s all about pleasing Mara. What more could you ask for in a guy?

I’m really enjoying this series and in particular I can’t wait for Travis’s book. We’ve seen him a few times in the series and I’m very intrigued by him and all his piercing and tattoos.

Content Note: references to human trafficking

••• Book Details •••

Red Stone Security #3   Romance, Suspense    KR Press, LLC    October 2, 2012

A woman with a dark past…

Mara Caldwell made a clean break from her old life, never imagining her secrets could come back to haunt her. When an old enemy surfaces and threatens the world she’s created for herself Mara is prepared to give up everything, including the husband she loves if it will keep him safe.

The truth might destroy them…

Harrison knew his wife had secrets when he married her, but when he discovers the truth, it’s far worse than he imagined. He’s determined to protect her from a deadly enemy who wants to destroy her, but her lack of faith in him infuriates and wounds him. They must work together to keep her safe, but the man they’re up against seeks to destroy everything they’ve built together. Including their lives.

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