REVIEW: Enemy Mine by Katie Reus

Katie Reus-Enemy Mine

4 Stars Rating


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Enemy Mine by Katie Reus
Paranormal Romance

Ever since their one night stand, Kiernan can’t stop thinking about Melina and now that he’s relocated to Miami he’s determined to win her back. But things are a lot more complicated now that he knows who she is — or really who her family is. Melina is the beloved daughter of the Rodriguez pack Alpha and the long standing enemy of Kiernan’s vampire coven. But when someone tries to kidnap Melina, Kiernan is there to save her and he’ll do anything to protect her and win Melina’s heart. But with everyone against them, it’s an uphill battle.

I love both vampires and shifters so I was so excited to have both in this story. Though this books is very short it’s chock full of action and storytelling. Katie Reus really excels at writing novellas and making sure they are fully developed. Though most of the initial attraction and emotions are already established at the beginning of the book, the reader can still enjoy the growth of Melina and Kiernan’s relationship.

Kiernan is of course an overprotective male but he still cedes to Melina’s wishes and doesn’t try to stop her from using her abilities or helping others. Melina was very young and somewhat idealistic but still a likable heroine. I’m sad that this is a single title because I’d love to get more stories about both Melina and Kiernan’s siblings.

4 out of 5 stars

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Book Details

When Kiernan and Melina spent one passionate night together a year ago, they never thought that it would change their lives forever. While the attraction was undeniable, wolf shifter Melina Rodriguez knows it takes more than passion to combat a century of family animosity—even if she can’t manage to get dark, handsome Kiernan out of her head.

After a year of relentlessly pursuing the one woman he shouldn’t want, vampire Kiernan has finally convinced sweet, passionate Melina to give him one more chance. When their hot Miami night of flirtation is violently interrupted, he has to convince her to put her life in his hands. With an unknown enemy targeting her and their own families against their union, he knows he’ll have to show her that he’ll do anything to keep her safe. And he doesn’t care who gets in his way.

Published by KR Press, LLC on February 3, 2013

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