REVIEW: Danger Next Door by Katie Reus

Katie Reus-Danger Next Door

4 Stars Rating


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Danger Next Door by Katie Reus
Red Stone Security #2
Suspense Romance

Belle is excited to move into her new house and finally have a place of her own, away from her overprotective and nosy family. She’s spent the past five years focusing on her nursing career and staying healthy after her childhood heart condition. But she never expected someone to try to break into her house and then attack her in broad daylight. Thank goodness her sexy neighbor is there to save the day.

Grant has hidden himself away ever since an explosion ended his career with the Miami PD and left him badly burned and scarred on his back, arm, and face. He might have come to the rescue of his gorgeous neighbor but he knows there’s no way she’ll ever be attracted to someone as damaged as him. But Belle doesn’t seem to see his scars or be bothered by them. Her sweet personality and caring glances are saying something Grant never thought he’d see again.

“All I can seem to think about when I’m around you is kissing you.”

As a couple, Belle and Grant were the perfect “Beauty and the Beast” romance. Grant’s confidence took a serious dent after his injury and he’s been slowly sinking into a depressive state. But protecting Belle has given him a new purpose and he’s determined to stop whoever is trying to hurt her. There’s something so innocent about Belle and he just wants to stand by her side and give her everything she wants. I loved how protective Grant was — he was the perfect mix of alpha and gentle and I loved how he was around Belle. I can imagine him as the type of guy who doesn’t say much and doesn’t smile much but turns into a big softy around his love. Belle herself was also great and she never lets Grant’s scars or his worries get in the way of their growing relationship. She’s straightforward and honest with Grant and has no problem expressing what she wants. These two set the pages on fire.

I also enjoyed the action and the fast pace of the story. In true Katie Reus fashion, a lot of story is crammed into less than 200 pages. A great blend of action and romance I never felt like any part of the story was let down to focus on other parts. Yes, Belle and Grant fall in love really fast but I loved every second of it. We also got to meet some new Red Stone guys, Vincent and Travis, and I can’t wait for their stories.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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Book Details

After an explosion leaves detective Grant Caldwell scarred he quits his job and tries to hide from his well-meaning family while he heals. When Belle Manikas, a beautiful new neighbor, moves in next door with problems of her own he finds himself drawn to her even while he tells himself she’s nothing but trouble. Even though he knows he’d never have a chance with a woman like her—not with his disfigurement—he can’t stay away.

Thanks to severe health problems as a child Belle grew up sheltered and smothered by her loving, if overbearing, family. Now that she’s finally out on her own she plans to wring everything she can out of life. When she sets her sights on her brooding neighbor nothing can stop her from getting him into bed—until a madman fixates on her.

With Grant now working for Red Stone Security, he sees it as his duty to protect her at all costs. Unfortunately a violent criminal is stalking Belle and will stop at nothing until he’s destroyed her.

Published by KR Press, LLC on June 1, 2012

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