Reading Review: December 2017

Month in Review

For December I read 15 books! The holidays and a busy month at work kept me from reading as much as I would have liked, so I’m excited to get caught up in the New Year!

• • • • •


No One to Trust (Red Stone Security #1) by Katie Reus
My Review  •  Goodreads
Overall, I loved this book and it was a great fast paced read to fill an hour or two. I can’t wait to read about more of the Red Stone Security guys and get more wonderful suspense from Katie Reus.

• • • • •

It Takes Two to Tumble (Seducing the Sedgwicks #1) by Cat Sebastian
My Review  •  Goodreads
This was such a gentle and heart warming read with lovable characters and beautiful writing. Each character was wonderfully fleshed out and developed, even the side characters. I can’t wait to read more in his series!

• • • • •

Rogue (Galactic Gladiators #8) by Anna Hackett
My Review  •  Goodreads
This one actually has two novellas, Information Rogue and Desert Rogue, and I really enjoyed both stories. The world that Anna Hackett has created is so interesting and dynamic and I love every new aspect that we learn about.

• • • • •

Knit Tight (Portland Heat #4) by Annabeth Albert
My Review  •  Goodreads
I originally skipped this one because some reviewers didn’t like Evren and it scared me off. I should have not doubted Annabeth Albert because she’s an artist when it comes to romance. I adored this one and I loved Evren (and Brady). There is so much emotion in this read and it’s beautiful start to finish. I’m kicking myself for not reading this sooner.

• • • • •



No Contest by Harper St. George & Tara Wyatt

Gone Rogue (Wires and Nerve Vol 2) by Marissa Meyer

Dangerous Witness by Katie Reus

Dark in Death by JD Robb

Zero Hour by Megan Erickson

• • • • •


I’m ready to go for some 2018 Reading Challenges and I can’t wait to dive into my first year doing challenges.

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