Movies: The Public

Several months ago I came across an article about a movie being made all about a public library. I thought WHAT?! A movie about the place I work in, a movie about the place I practically live in because I love public libraries so much? I was curious, intrigued, and optimistically hopeful that this would turn out to be true and interesting.

Well, now we have the first official trailer and I can hardly contain my excitement! I knew I was going to love this from the second I saw the trailer and I’ve already informed my husband we’ll be seeing this in theaters (even though we don’t really go to movie theaters anymore).

I don’t work in a very urban library, so we don’t really experience the number of homeless customers as the Cincinnati library being featured in The Public. But anyone who works in this industry knows this is a very real concern and issue with those that have no where else to go.

I will be waiting anxiously for the release of this movie which is set to premiere on January 31st at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.


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