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Rogue by Anna Hackett
Galactic Gladiators #8
Science Fiction Romance

Information Rogue

4 Stars Rating

Zhim and Ryan have been in a battle of wills since they first crossed keyboards and now they’re working on the same side to find the other human women, Dayna and Neve, who are still trapped. I loved the sparks these two set off with each other because both Zhim and Ryan are passionate people. They move quickly from combative competitors to spicy lovers. First off, this cover is AMAZING! Anna Hackett has some of the best book covers out there in my humble opinion. The pace was quick and there was plenty of action throughout.

I loved Ryan and all her spunk! She’s a wonderful heroine who’s confident but also just a touch insecure. This helped add some vulnerability to her tough woman persona. Zhim is a big softy deep down and I enjoyed seeing his sweeter side.

4 stars – it was enjoyable

Reader Safety: Heroine was kidnapped and held captive (referenced, on page)

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Desert Rogue

4 Stars Rating

Corsair might be attracted to Neve’s beauty and her strength but he’s equally frustrated by how stubborn she is. But he’s determined to keep her out of trouble and Neve is quickly taken in by Corsair’s charm. These two take a bit of time to start working together but once they do it’s wonderful.

Corsair really sold this one for me. I loved his desert ways and his easy going nature; he goes where the winds tell him and there was something really appealing about his personality. Neve was a bit rough in the beginning and she was so resistant to asking for help that she makes some really bad decisions. I came to like her but I’m still annoyed that she was ready to rush out into the desert with no idea what she was doing.

Rillian is back! I was missing him in the last few and I’m so excited that the next book will be about him. The set up for his love interest and some details about who he is have me really excited!

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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Book Details

Information Rogue
Rescued by the humans and gladiators from the House of Galen, Ryan Nagano is working hard to piece her life back together. Her priorities are conquering her anxiety, recovering from her captivity, and using her exceptional computer skills to help the House of Galen decrypt alien data that could reveal the location of other abducted humans. That’s all she’s focused on. But when she needs help, she finds herself having to work with arrogant genius Zhim…and discovers that the two of them redefine the word explosive.

Zhim thrives on the need to uncover information and ensure his wealthy, carefully constructed life is exactly as he wants it. Then one infuriating menace of a woman blasts into his life. Ryan matches him skill for skill, drives him crazy, and worms her way under his skin. But forced to take her deep into Kor Magma’s shadowy hacker underworld, Zhim soon learns exactly what he’s willing to risk to keep Ryan safe.

Desert Rogue
Neve Haynes survived her abduction through grit and determination. She’s always made her own way through life, depends on no one, and is determined to achieve her own personal mission. So as she sneaks out of the House of Galen, the last thing she needs is help in the form of a tawny-haired, lean-hipped caravan master with more confidence and swagger than any man she’s met before.

Corsair is a man of the desert and leader of the Corsair Caravan. He listens to his gut and something about Neve draws him in. He can’t let her go off and get herself killed, but she’s the most skittish, strongest woman he’s ever met. As they trek deep into the desert on a dangerous mission to find a map to an infamous desert arena, they will fight side by side and be forced to depend only on each other to survive. And in Carthago’s desert sands, they will uncover a desire that burns hotter than the desert sun.

Published by Anna Hackett on November 26, 2017

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