2018 A to Z Reading Challenge


The Challenge: 26 books

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BBound by Amelia Bishop (Review)

C Crashed on an Ice World by Anna Hackett (Review)

D Dangerous Witness by Katie Reus (Review)


F Fatal Deception by Katie Reus (Review)

GGhost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher (Review)

H His to Protect by Katie Reus (Review)




L Levi by Anna Hackett (Review)

MMiami, Mistletoe & Murder by Katie Reus (Review)

N – New Heights by Quinn Anderson (Review)

O On Solid Ground by Quinn Anderson (Review)

P Protecting His Witness by Katie Reus (Review)


R – Retrosexual by Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller (Review)

S Something About You by Julie James (Review)


U An Uncommon Honeymoon by Susan Mann (Review)


W Whiskey Secrets by Carrie Ann Ryan (Review)


YYear One by Nora Roberts (Review)

Z Zero Hour by Megan Erickson (Review)

Reading Challenge Details

  • Hosted by Ginger Mom & The Kindle Quest
  • We are going to read one book for each letter of the alphabet. Yes, even for the difficult letters (and if you’re looking for ideas, let us know! Goodreads has plenty of books! So why join us? For the fun! And the $100 Amazon gift card at the end of the year. But mostly, for the fun!
  • Just read, review, and link-up! Each month, there will be a link-up post where you can submit your reviews. It will open on the first day of the month and close on the last day. We will be keeping track of how many reviews each participant gets and at the end of the year, there will be a drawing! If you submit 12 reviews, you get 12 chances to win.
  • Each month, we are going to have 3 extra challenges. Not only will you be adding to your List of Completed Letters, but we will do things like reading a book with a costume on the cover (bet you can’t guess what month that one’s for!) or reading a book with dual perspectives. These extra challenges are just for fun, not for points (I know, throw your tomatoes now . . . just get it out of your system). Don’t worry, there will be little giveaways along the way!
  • Use #2018AtoZChallenge to let everyone know.


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