Book Couples Challenge

For November I participated in the Book Couples Challenge created by Collectors of Book Boyfriends and Girlfriends and Night Owl Reader and it was great sharing all these wonderful couples. You can check out all the fun by searching for #BookCouplesChallenge on Twitter or Instagram.

Day 1: Age Gap

Arcadia (Cady) & Lon

Day 2: Arranged Marriage

Abigail & Talorc

Day 4: Celebrity

Pixie & Dred

Day 5: College

Jacqueline & Lucas

Day 6: Conflict of Interest

Anna & Cameron

Day 7: Different Social Classes

Joy & Ryan

Day 8: Fairy Tale

Cinder & Kai

Day 9: Fake Relationship

Jordan & Nick

Day 10: Fantasy

Annika & Kalan

Day 11: Forbidden

Lacey & Barak

Day 12: Friends to Lovers

Millie & Will

Day 13: Geeks

Tristan & Ravi

Day 14: High School Sweethearts

Keri & Joe

Day 15: Historical

Jack & Oliver

Day 16: Interracial

Chelsea & Adam

Day 17: LGBT

Pike & Zack

Day 20: One with Disability

Ailish & Phoenix

Day 21: Online

Cai & Jake

Day 22: Paranormal

Sascha & Lucas

Day 23: Royal/Non-Royal

Brie & Reeve

Day 24: Sci-Fi

Elle & Marcus

Day 25: Second Chance

Bree & Danny

Day 26: Sports

Dana & Eric

Day 28: Taboo

Elizabeth & Murphy

Day 29: Teacher/Student

Sebastian & Tristan

Day 30: Teens

Eva & Zenn

Want More?

Twitter Challenges

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