REVIEW: Jagged Rock by Willow Scarlett

Willow Scarlett-Jagged Rock

3 Stars Rating

My Review

Jagged Rock by Willow Scarlett
LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance

Not a bad read but it felt overly long and bogged down in a few areas. However, both Will and Connor were great heroes and they were so cute together. I never wanted to stop reading because I really wanted to see these two figure things out and find their happiness. Their angst and drama is fairly low, just some worry over being in love with their best friend.

These two were too adorable and that’s the best way to describe them because they are also sooooo young and innocent. But I enjoyed how sweet they are with each other, how much they’re in love, and how much they are willing to sacrifice for the other. Light and fluffy, but I needed that right now.

“He would never stop inventing new reasons for me to love him.”

However, I just don’t get how these two didn’t figure things out about their relationship until they were 18. There were so many things that went beyond normal friendship (especially between guys if we’re following expected gender standards). Once Will and Connor figure things out they have great chemistry and these two were on fire.

The world of the werewolves and the dynamics of pack were interesting. They definitely follow more traditional behaviors of wolves and this causes some problems with the health of the Will’s pack. I really liked Will’s brother, Dave, and would love to know more about him. Maybe it’s the tattoo artist thing (a favorite theme of mine) but he seemed like a really cool guy.

The transitions between time periods in the beginning was a little awkward. The book starts out with the present day when the guys are 18 and then flashes back to a long series of scenes where they meet and develop their friendship over the years. It then returns to the present day. I felt like some of the stuff included in the flashbacks wasn’t really needed because I wanted to get back to the present events.

3 out of 5 stars

Book Details

Will: So, a couple things. I’m a werewolf. I met my mate back in middle school, at the time I didn’t quite understand why I was so drawn to Connor, why I was so protective of him and couldn’t stand being apart. Now that we’re older I get it. I feel like a guardian angel sometimes, making sure he’s never hurt and always happy. The thing is, he has no idea that werewolves exist, let alone his best friend is one. Man, I’m not looking forward to that conversation or the fact that eventually (soon) I’m gonna have to bite him and claim him.

Connor: Hi, I’m Connor, I’m known to be kinda shy. Let’s see, I’m in a band, I drum. I’m a freshman and share a dorm with my best friend Will. We’ve basically been inseparable since middle school. Will sings for our band and is amazing. He’s always been there for me, from the second I moved to our hometown all those years ago, he took me under his wing. The problem? I’m so totally in love with him. I’m so not looking forward to that conversation, but I feel like the time’s coming to tell him, before someone else grabs him up.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’s “Love’s Landscapes” event.

Published by M/M Romance Group on July 26, 2014

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