ARC REVIEW: War Games by Jess Anastasi

Rating 5 Stars

Loathing him would be so much easier if he weren’t so damned hot.

First off, I had no idea this was going to be the last in the series, so there are some bittersweet feelings associated with this book. But it was a great finale and I really enjoyed reading it. There was some great action as things are brought to a head with the war against the CSS. I will truly miss these character and this world.

Bren and Cameron had a really great slow burn in this one that was a perfect fit for the characters and the things they were going through. Both of them needed to work through a lot of mental stuff before they could truly appreciate the other. Also considering their mission and the danger they were in, it’s only fitting that they wouldn’t be all over each other from the very beginning. The introspection of both the hero and heroine was written really well. They each have their own internal obstacles that are keeping them not just from each other but also from a general satisfaction with life. Thoughts and experiences are catching up with each of them and it was great to see them work through their issues together but also separately.

There were some revelations that Bren has about herself that I would have liked to see better incorporated throughout. As it was, they seemed to come out of nowhere because this was the first we’d seen Bren having these thoughts. Without a stronger build up to this, I felt that the story was being set up for the easy compromise (see bottom of page for Spoiler).

I loved seeing more of Seb in this one; he’s just so funny and charming and a bit of scene stealer when he’s around. And that epilogue! This was a perfect way to cap the series and get our last goodbye *sniff sniff* to these characters.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by Netgalley. All thoughts expressed in this review are my honest opinion.

••• Book Details •••

Valiant Knox #4    Romance, Science Fiction    Entangled  •  December 11, 2017

When one of her pilots is shot down behind enemy lines, Lieutenant Theresa Brenner will stop at nothing to save her before she’s captured and tortured, even if it means being part of the dirtside team led by Colonel Cameron McAllister. Bren might respect the way the colonel commands his men, but she’ll never trust Cam—no matter how charming he is—because he was responsible for her brother’s death.

Colonel Cameron McAllister has a covert mission behind enemy lines to team with the Ilari rebels and overthrow the bloodthirsty dictator who’s torn their planet apart. The last thing he needs is to get sidetracked searching for a downed pilot, especially since it means having Lieutenant Theresa Brenner tag along. Not only doesn’t the frosty pilot have the ground game to keep up with his seasoned group, she’s a potential distraction with all those gorgeous blond curls of hers—and she might be just like her brother, whose foolhardiness got his men killed.

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Highlight below to see spoiler

Bren admits to being tired of fighting and that she only joined the war to keep an eye on her brother. She’s let go of a lot of her anger and grief and is ready to move on to something she has a stronger connection with.


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