Career Day Librarian Edition

post-career day2

This past Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Career Day at a middle school and talk about working in the library. I could pretty much talk about libraries all day, any day so this was a no brainer for me.

I enjoyed myself while also validating that my decision to change my major away from teaching was a good idea. Teachers are truly saints and I commend them for all they do, but that career would not have worked for me. If only I had realized this before my last 2 years of college. This is why Career Day can be so important; it provides students will an inside look at jobs they may be interested in or jobs they never even knew existed. It was also very rewarding for me to talk about a job I loved and hope that I was influencing future librarians.

Granted working in a library isn’t as flashy as some of the other career representatives that were there that day — Fire & Rescue, Lawyer, Flight Attendant — but I believe it’s important for kids to see a wide variety of jobs because we can’t all be or want to be those flashier types.

I hope to do this again and again as long as my boss keeps letting me out of the building.

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