REVIEW: The Truth About Forever by Piper Vaughn


Rating 3 Stars

I didn’t mind this one but it was very much like being dropped down in a single moment in these guys lives. There’s so much history between them and though we get a few flashbacks it relies heavily on us accepting their history and the love they still have for each other. But that said, I did enjoy it and read it on sitting and the quality of writing was excellent.



••• Book Details •••

Romance, LGBTQ+, Contemporary    M/M Romance Group    July 7, 2015

When they were teenagers Jonny and Marco promised each other forever. Marco had the word etched in his skin to seal their vow. He thought they’d always be together. Three weeks later Jonny dumped him.

Now, after six years, Marco’s finished college and worked his way up to head chef at his family’s popular Mexican restaurant in downtown Chicago. He’s found his calling, and he finally has his life where he wants it. Then Jonny reappears, throwing Marco’s emotions into chaos.

Jonny demands a chance to explain. Marco doesn’t want to hear excuses, not from the man who left him without a backward glance. Yet Jonny claims to still love him, and he won’t be denied. Marco wants to believe him, but will the truth be enough to mend the damage Jonny did when he broke Marco’s heart and walked away?

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’s “Love is an Open Road” event.

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