REVIEW: Orion by Ruby Lionsdrake

Ruby Lionsdrake-Orion

2 Stars Rating


Book Details

Orion by Ruby Lionsdrake
Series: Star Guardians #1
Published: June 15, 2017 by Ruby Lionsdrake
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

A born geek, Juanita has dreamed of exploring the stars for as long as she can remember. Getting kidnapped by slavers from another planet? Not so much. If she’s lucky, she might be able to convince the hot guy protecting her from the others to help her escape.

A bounty hunter allied with the Star Guardians, Orion is undercover on the slavers’ ship, plotting to end their kidnapping trips to Earth. He didn’t expect to meet someone as funny, sexy, and determined as Juanita among the victims. He wants to protect her from the thugs molesting her, but that could blow his cover and jeopardize his mission. He must choose between keeping her safe and dooming Earth to be a target for slavers forever.

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My Review

I really enjoyed the world building for this one and found the plot ideas interesting. I’d love to know more about Gaia and the possibility that Earth is actually the mysterious birth place of humans in space. There was plenty of action and adventure in this one and that kept things moving along really well. I wasn’t as caught up in the romance but the action and science fiction aspects really kept the pace up.

There were several instances of contradictory statements or plot points that bothered me. The biggest one is that Sage (Orion’s brother) accuses him of having dishonorable intentions toward Juanita and that he’s a risk to her safety. But there are quite a few instances of other Star Guardians making flirtatious comments and hitting on Juanita and Sage doesn’t seem to care about that.

My biggest problem is that Orion and Juanita come across as incredibly young and naive. We know Orion is 28, I’m not sure if Juanita’s age is every stated but they both sound and feel more like they’re barely twenty. Juanita especially is very trusting and it’s honestly a bit surprising she’s made it this far. She’s so sweet but her naiveté makes her seem like she’s not very smart.

The other books in the series are supposed to be about the Star Guardians but I felt like this book didn’t really set them up in the best light. They’re obviously honorable men but Orion doesn’t have the best opinion on what he believes is their over-inflated reputation and prestige. Treyjon was the only one that came across as charming and interesting but not so much on the rest.

2 stars – it was ok
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Ruby Lionsdrake-Orion

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