REVIEW: This Magic Moment by Nora Roberts

Romance, Contemporary

3 Stars Rating

This is your typical 80’s romance with high passion, a brooding hero, and generous heroine. I’ve always been fascinated by magicians so I enjoyed that this book was all about magic and illusions. I wish we could have gotten some of the secrets behind the tricks because I just want to know. Bess and Link were wonderful side characters!

Ryan was a great heroine with strength and passion for her work. She might have bent to all of Pierce’s whims but she still knows how to stand up for herself. Pierce was a little too rigid in his ways for me. I will concede that he was to be expected for a hero from the 80’s but it doesn’t really work for me. Compromise isn’t really in his nature and instead Ryan does all the compromising.

Content Notes


Book Details

Ryan Swan has one thing on her mind: convincing master illusionist Pierce Atkins to work with her production company. Amid the imposing splendor of his home, Ryan has to fight not to be awed by her surroundings—or her company. She’s not used to the stormy feelings that the charismatic Pierce sets off in her. But she knows better than to give her heart to man intent on defying death with his improbable stunts. Too bad desire has a magic all its own—an allure that’s impossible to resist.

Published by Intermix on October 9, 2012 (reissue from 1983)

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