REVIEW: Dirty Boxing by Tara Wyatt & Harper St. George

Tara Wyatt-Dirty Boxing

4 Stars Rating


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Dirty Boxing by Tara Wyatt & Harper St. George
Blood and Glory #1
Contemporary Romance

I’m not sure why I waited so long to read this one because I really enjoyed it! Wyatt and St. George write a great romance with wonderful characters. The CHEMISTRY!! This was one sexy book and I felt like I needed a fan the whole time I was reading it. Jules and Nick were on fire the entire time and I really enjoyed their romance and the development of their relationship.

“She couldn’t live without him, but she couldn’t make the leap. Not when it could end with her a broken mess.”

Once Jules and Nick are confronted with each other again, I appreciated the maturity they had in handling it. It took a little effort, but Jules finally explained her reasons for leaving and Nick was understanding. He also realized that if he wanted something with Jules he would have to forgive her and move on from it. Holding it against her would only cause problems. He still struggles with it (justifiably) but he’s an adult about it. I also really respected Jules’s dedication to trying to communicate and be a parter, she was very self-aware when it came to her issues.

I’m not a big fan of characters that avoid relationships because they grew up in a home without a solid example. Now I personally don’t have experience with this so it might truly be that scarring, but it’s not my favorite theme. This time around I was mostly bothered by one aspect. When Nick first confronts Jules at the gym, he tells her that a small part of him will always hate her for what she did. Later, Jules is conflicted over starting something with Nick because she doesn’t want the relationship to fail and they end up hating each other. But Nick has already said he hates her, so this didn’t make any sense to me.

I loved the friendship between Jules and Megan. It was so supportive and real. Megan gets why Jules does what she does but she also isn’t afraid to call Jules on it when she’s being ridiculous.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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Book Details

After an unstable childhood, Jules Darcy is very familiar with the risks of falling in love. And as an adult, she’s never let herself forget just how high those stakes can be. That’s why she ran away a year ago after her fling with MMA fighter Nick Giannakis quickly got serious. But when she jumps at the opportunity to reconnect with her dad by accepting a job with his growing fight league, she’s stunned to learn the abs, the chiseled arms, and the rock-solid punches she has to market belong to none other than her former fling. Unable to run away from the sexy middleweight this time, Jules vows to keep things strictly professional. But one look at Nick, and her resolve starts to crumble….

The last thing Nick expects when he signs with the prestigious World Fighting Championship is that he’ll have to work with the only woman who ever broke his heart. Desperate to hide the pain she caused him, Nick vows to keep his distance from his gorgeous ex. But when he realizes their intense chemistry hasn’t faded after a year apart, he wonders if they could have a future together, even if dating the boss’s daughter could complicate his bid for the championship belt.

Under the bright lights of Las Vegas, in the world of high-stakes prize fighting, they’ll have to take a risk and decide if their love is worth fighting for.

Published by Pocket Star on September 18, 2017

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Tara Wyatt-Dirty Boxing

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