REVIEW: Beast by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Beast

3 Stars Rating


My Review

Beast by Anna Hackett
Galactic Gladiators #7
Science Fiction Romance

We finally have Vek’s story and I enjoyed watching him find his happiness. Vek’s past is sad and tragic but his resilience and strength shine through. This is a man who doesn’t give up and is fiercely devoted to those he cares for. Mia is equally devoted and compassionate and I liked her continuous support of Vek even when things got hard. Vek was a great character that I have anxiously awaited a story for. He has such a tragic beginnings that you can’t help but feel for the him and want the best for him. He is ever so slightly obsessed with Mia but it mostly stems from finally being treated like a man and not a monster. I liked how their relationship developed into something mutual and real.

“From the first moment you saw me, all you’ve done is stand in front of me and been my shield. You’re a protector, Vek, not a monster.”

Every time I think we’re moving toward the end of this series, Anna Hackett gives us more human survivors and I get excited all over again. I can’t wait for Neve’s story because she’s a badass!

There wasn’t one particular thing but I waffled back and forth on my rating and eventually settled on a star lower. I just didn’t get as invested in the story as I normally do, so it was likely my own mood and nothing wrong with the book itself.

3 stars – it was good
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Reader Safety

Hero was kidnapped and held captive, tortured, and drugged (referenced, on page)

Heroine was kidnapped and held captive (referenced, on page)

Hero with PTSD

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Book Details

Rescued by gladiators on the alien world of Carthago, Mia is working to find other abducted humans who are still lost. But someone else also needs her help—the untamed alien who’s saved her twice. Rescued from vicious fight rings he’s fought in since he was a child, Vek is prone to losing control in aggressive fits of rage…and Mia discovers that she is the only who can calm him. As she finds herself drawn to the man beneath the beast, she knows that with his enhanced senses, Vek can help her find her friends.

For years, all Vek’ker has known is death, darkness, and killing. Despite his newfound freedom, he is struggling to control his rages and withdrawal from the drugs his captors used on him. Only one scent soothes him, one voice calms him, and one woman is his light in the dark. Vek will do anything to protect Mia and make her happy…including vowing to find her friends.

With the gladiators from the House of Galen, Vek and Mia follow mysterious clues into a dangerous part of the desert on the trail of the missing humans. They are drawn closer together but as they enter the deadly Illusion Mountains, they have no idea of the dangers lying in wait for them, or how far they will both be pushed to their limits in order to survive.

Published by Anna Hackett on October 30, 2017

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