REVIEW: Hooked by Cathy Yardley

Rating 4 Stars

He made her hot, yes. But he also made her feel safe. Happy. He helped her feel like herself.

I really enjoyed getting Stacey and Rodney’s story since we met them in Level Up. They both have pasts they are trying to get distance from and even though Stacey is jaded from her last bad relationship, she’s still hopeful. I just wish this could have been longer so we could spend more time with these two.

British guys! I loved Rodney and I found myself reading this with a (poor) British accent in my head. I adore the endearment “love” so every time Rodney used it was a hit straight to my heart. Outside of Rodney’s accent he was also a respectful, compassionate, and a relatable hero. I really liked his approach to Stacey; he knew the other guys in the office had been asking her out and he could tell she was gun shy about dating. He made his interest clear but he left all the moves to Stacey. He was a perfect example of a well done beta hero; nerds are sexy too!

Stacey was also a great character who just wanted to find someone she could trust with her heart. Her ex’s unforgivable actions really dented her self-confidence, so she struggles to trust Rodney. I appreciated that when things got tough, she might have initially pushed Rodney away but she was also willing to listen when he wanted to explain.

It was fairly predictable in terms of how things were going to happen, but this is the case in any book where one character has a secret they are keeping from the other. I wasn’t overly bothered by this, just wanted to mention it.

••• Book Details •••

Fandom Hearts #1.5    Romance, Contemporary    SMP Swerve    October 10, 2017

After a disastrous experience with a boyfriend who turned out to be a con artist, the last thing Stacy Fielder is looking for is another guy. But dashing, devilish Englishman Rodney Charles seems determined to change her mind.

But when she realizes he’s been keeping a secret from her — and lying about who he really is — will she be able to trust him with her heart?

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