Featured Author: Anna Hackett

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This month’s feature blog post is about the fantastic and prolific author, Anna Hackett, who has quickly become one of my favorites in the past year.

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Anna Hackett Action Romance Author

Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Fantasy Romance, Suspense/Adventure Romance

Book Count: 45+

Links: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter

I’m Anna and I’m a USA Today bestselling author who’s passionate about action romance. I love stories that combine the thrill of falling in love with the excitement of action, danger and adventure. I write about people overcoming unbeatable odds and achieving seemingly impossible goals. I like to believe it’s possible for all of us to do the same.

My parents are to blame for my insatiable need to mix action and romance. When I was young, I raided my mother’s romances and my father’s action adventure thrillers. I love being exhilarated and left just a little breathless. I love car chases, explosions and spaceships…and of course when the boy wins the girl. Oh, and I’m a sucker for that moment when the team is walking in slow motion, shoulder-to-shoulder heading off into battle. After reading, watching or writing an awesome action romance story, I’m left energized and feeling like anything is possible. I aim to give the same to my readers.

[blurb and image from Author’s Website] 

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How I Found the Author

I’m a huge science fiction romance fan but I’m also pretty picky about what I like. This means that science fiction romance is often a miss for me and because of that I’m not very adventurous with my purchases. I am, however, a sucker for a 99 cent or free kindle book sale. So when I came across a list of recommended science fiction romance authors that included Anna Hackett, I jumped over to Amazon to take a look (I sadly no longer remember where I found that list).

Sure enough, the first book in several of her series were FREE! Undiscovered from the Treasure Hunter Security series, Marcus from the Hell Squad series, and Among Galactic Ruins from the Phoenix Adventures series. Which by the way, they are all still FREE! Did I make that clear enough? It took me a bit to start reading them because I always have way too many free kindle books but once I did I was hooked! Now I am a loyal fan and Anna Hackett is an auto-buy author for me every time.

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Why I Love the Author

Oh, let me count the ways! First off, Anna Hackett publishes quite a large number of books each year; she’s had 10 books so far for 2017. I understand that not every author can write as quickly or gets books out as fast if they are traditionally published. But it’s always a joy to find an author with a large backlist and plenty more to come. In the same realm of publishing, I LOVE the covers on Anna Hackett’s books, they are amazing! Hot guys, beautiful colors, consistent across the series, and super well designed.

But let’s get a bit more nitty gritty. As I said before, I’m picky about my science fiction romance. I want interesting plots, grand adventures, and a nice balance of sci-fi and romance. It’s a fine line to walk and Anna Hackett does it sooo well. I’ve truly enjoyed immersing myself in the worlds she created and going along for the ride. Whether it’s an alien infested Australia or a far off planet as barbaric as it is advanced, Hackett knows how to draw you in. Her books might not be long (they tend to be around 100-200 pages) but they know how to use the page real estate.

Another important element in any book are the characters. Action and adventure can produce many types of personalities but I love when a woman can take care of herself, kick some ass, and get herself out of any trouble she might be in. One of the best parts of many of Anna Hackett’s books are the strong, independent heroines. But she also knows how to incorporate just the right amount of vulnerability and compassion to keep the character real and likable. If this isn’t your style, don’t worry, there are plenty of women that are not as physically strong, but still have the mental and emotional strength to get through their troubles. On top of all that, the heroes are always respectful and intrigued by the strength they see. Sometimes they might get a bit overprotective but they never doubt their love interest’s ability to take care of herself. They’re just the right amount of alpha without reaching testosterone poisoning.

  • Tough, kickass heroines you can root for
  • Heroes that respect their love interests
  • Unique worlds and characters you can get invested in
  • Amazing action and adventure that will keep you hooked all the way through
  • Fast paced stories that you won’t want to put down
  • Drool worthy covers, man do I love these covers!
  • Lots and lots of books to read

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Favorite Books by the Author

Anna Hackett-Marcus Anna Hackett-Undiscovered Anna Hackett-Hemi Anna Hackett-Gladiator

MarcusMy favorite of all of Anna Hackett’s books, Marcus sets you down in a wasteland as humanity struggles to fight back against the evil alien invaders. This is a great series introduction and I love the pairing of gruff Marcus with sweet Elle. I knew the second I finished this book, that Hell Squad was going to be a perfect series for me.

UndiscoveredAnother series starter, Undiscovered reminds me of watching The Mummy the first time and realizing how much I loved adventure, Ancient Egypt, and Brendan Fraser. This is what action packed romance is all about and Layne and Declan set off some great sparks in this one.

HemiMuch further in the series, Hemi, begins our adventures with the berserkers, another squad fighting against the aliens. I absolutely adored Hemi and all his antics to capture Camryn’s heart. He was wild and crazy but also compassionate, loving, and devoted. This series just keeps getting better.

GladiatorI apparently love series starters, because Gladiator introduces to the world of the Cro Magna Arena and the strong and protective gladiators in the House of Galen. My favorite element of this one though is how badass the heroine, Harper, is.

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What’s Next

Lots more Gladiators, berserkers, and treasure related adventures!



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