REVIEW: Ash by Anna Hackett


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Rating 5 Stars

Life had clearly taught her that geek girls did not snag sexy bad boys.

I’m really loving these berserkers because Hemi and Ash have been fantastic books! Ash is a wonderful character and I loved that he had a softer side in his desire to study medicine. He tried once to be more than just a biker but he gets sucked back in to help family. His depth was really well done. I truly appreciate the realism of Marin’s character. She’s tough at heart and has a ton of bravery but she has no training when it comes to combat. I loved how real and scared she was before going into battle and that she didn’t suddenly become this kick ass soldier.

That ending! Oh man, all the feels. I won’t give things away but I was really happy with how things were handled as I had previously mentioned in a prior review about how the advanced technology seemed to be a fix all for everything. I also enjoyed the hints at other characters like Levi, Manu, and Selene.

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Hell Squad #14    Romance, Science Fiction    October 1, 2017

Computer genius Marin Mitchell is doing her part to help humanity survive the raptor invasion, working tirelessly to decrypt alien data. She spends her days working and drooling over a certain tattooed, biker berserker from Squad Three. But Marin knows the rules: geeks do not snag sexy bad boys. She spends her nights playing her favorite computer game where she is a kick-butt badass, and a match for her mysterious online fight partner, SuperSoldier3.

A member of the Squad Three berserkers, Ash Connors knows that whenever he reaches for something good, life slaps him back down. He gave up on his dreams a long time ago, and instead, focused on running his motorcycle club with his best friend. But after the alien invasion, he does what he does best, fight and take down the aliens. When cute, smart, and sweet Marin catches his eye, he tries to steer clear, but can’t seem to stay away…online or in real life.

When Marin discovers information about a central alien data hub, her skills are needed to hack into the system. That means a deadly mission deep underground, right into the heart of alien territory. That throws her right into Ash’s tattooed arms. As the sexy berserker fights to keep her safe, he also vows to show Marin that while she might follow the rules, he likes to break them.

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