Me and the 99 cent sale

post-me and the 99 cent sale2

I love books, that’s probably obvious considering you’re reading this on my book themed blog. The problem is that I love getting new books almost as much as I love actually reading books. I find upcoming books by new and favorite authors and add them to my Upcoming shelf on Goodreads. I love watching as a book blurb is added and then a cover is revealed and my excitement just gets bigger and bigger. Once a book is published, it’s either a great day when it shows up on my kindle, or my hold at the library comes in but sometimes I can’t get that book that I really want.

Unfortunately, I am not rich so I must limit my book spending to my book allowance that auto-loads into my Amazon account each month. This means that often I see books I really want to read but the library doesn’t purchase it and I have to wait. Either I get it through, from my favorite used book store, or — my downfall — the 99 cent sale on Amazon.

I pretty much jump all over a book being reduced to 99 cents because it’s a great opportunity to try out that author I’ve never read before. This means that I currently have about 50 books on my kindle that I bought for 99 cents or when I was really lucky, for free, that I haven’t read yet. Woe is me, right? I try, I swear, but there’s always another new release right around the corner that I desperately need to READ. RIGHT. NOW.

I’ve gotten better about controlling my one-click impulses but I’m human and weak and I don’t really want to change. What I truly need is more time to read because sadly, though I work in a library, we’re not actually allowed to just read all day. 

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