DNF: On the Chase by Katie Ruggle

Katie Ruggle-On the Chase

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Book Details

On the Chase by Katie Ruggle
Series: Rocky Mountain K9 Unit #2
Published: September 5, 2017 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Suspense Romance

The sole witness to a horrific crime, Kaylee Ramay flees to the Colorado Rockies to start a new life. There she becomes Grace, a dog kennel employee desperately trying to avoid attention—especially from dangerously attractive K9 Officer Hugh Murdoch.

Because Hugh is tall, dark… and nothing but trouble.

Hugh is anxious to get back in the field after an act of heroism left him warming the bench. Until then, he and his K9 partner Lexi spend their hours teasing the town’s mysterious newcomer. But when their simmering attraction is nearly cut short by a sniper’s bullet, Hugh’s mystery woman must come clean about the secrets she keeps…

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My Review

I was so-so on the first book, Run to Ground, and only gave this one a shot to see if things would get better. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me and once Kaylee and Hugh were on page together, I had to pass. Things started out alright but I wasn’t really liking Kaylee who came across a bit air-headed and snooty. I understood her reasoning for wanting a better life but overall she spent the whole beginning in a “woe is me” attitude.

My other big problem was Hugh who just like Theo in the last book has no idea how to interact with a scared and traumatized woman on the run. He immediately goes on the defensive, doesn’t believe anything she says, and comes across as aggressive and overbearing.

DNF – Stopped reading at @ 10%
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