ARC REVIEW: A Covert Affair by Susan Mann

Susan Mann-A Covert Affair

3 Stars Rating


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A Covert Affair by Susan Mann
Librarian and the Spy Escapades #2
Suspense Romance

Working for the CIA has been a change for Quinn, but she’s excited to finally live the life of adventure she’s always wanted. Plus, working with her agent boyfriend means she can see him more often. However, she worries how things will work when James must return to this mission in Moscow. He might be a suave, charming CIA covert operative, but James is a push over when it comes to his love, Quinn. He knows she’ll make a good agent and he loves working with her, but he can’t help worrying. Having lost his old partner, who he loved, means he can get a bit overprotective when it comes to Quinn.

“What’s a librarian doing with a gun?”
“I make sure people pay their overdue fines.”

A nice follow up to The Librarian and the Spy and it was fun to be back with Quinn and James. Punjab’s history might have been sad but I really enjoyed reading about it. I love when author’s take real life historical events and use them in their plots.

Once again this book is only from Quinn’s POV. Not terrible, but I hoped we would learn more about James and his history. Quinn was as fun as the first time around and I found myself laughing at some of her comments and her constant confidence in herself. This woman is rocking it for librarians all over. James got a bit overprotective but he also never doubted Quinn’s strengths and her ability to take care of herself. Just a small thing: I did enjoy the romance, but there was pretty much no tension between James and Quinn. On one hand that’s not a bad thing, but on the other, it also made it feel more like a regular adventure/spy novel instead of a romance.

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Book Details

910.4 TRAVEL, adventurous
306.7 ROMANCE, secret
341.5 HOSTAGES, saving

A CIA librarian and her handsome spy boyfriend find themselves in the middle of an international incident when the Indian ambassador is kidnapped from a Library of Congress event.
Agent-in-training Quinn Ellington and James Bond Anderson travel to India, where the key to saving the ambassador is tangled up with a long-lost sacred library, a desecrated temple, and some very modern machinations. At least their cover as blissful newlyweds isn t too hard to pull off.

Published by Zebra Shout on August 29, 2017

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