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Anna Hackett-Tempest

2 Stars Rating

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Tempest by Anna Hackett
Warriors of the Wind #1
Paranormal Romance

As the Keeper of the Winds, Lorenzo has a heavy responsibility on his shoulders to keep the evil Tempest Winds under control and imprisoned. However, the nearby volcano is making them stronger and Lorenzo doesn’t need any distractions. Any chance Riley gets to work with Lorenzo is a treat, even when he’s constantly pushing her away — oddly that makes her want him more. But now Riley has decided that she’s tired of waiting. She knows that Lorenzo has a big undertaking as the Keeper but Riley is a healer and though she doesn’t often use her powers on humans she can’t resist helping Lorenzo.

“You mess with my control.”
She liked hearing that. “Sometimes it’s okay to let go of your control.”

This was not one of Anna Hackett’s better stories and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I have her other stuff. Since this was an updated reissue of a book from 2009, I think it just shows how she’s improved. The writing was fine and the plot was alright but I just had a hard time connecting with this story and finding any deep interest. There was nothing glaringly bad, it just didn’t get me excited. However, the chemistry was really good between the characters and though they jump into things pretty quickly, they’ve also known and worked together for a while.

I really liked Riley and how strong and independent she is. She knows that she wants Lorenzo and she doesn’t let his grumpy nature drive her away. She’s passionate, caring, and strong willed — basically a perfect match for Lorenzo’s stubborn personality. I didn’t quite understand how Riley came to know about Lorenzo, the Warriors of the Wind, and the Tempest Winds. It’s mentioned that Luca, Lorenzo’s brother, told her about the Warriors, but it’s never explained why. Did Luca know about Riley’s power and felt she could be trusted, did she find out on her own and confront him about it. This is left hanging and it just bothered me.

2 out of 5 stars

Tags: Animals | Boss/Employee | Millionaire | Psychic Powers | Rancher/Cowboy

Book Details

One of five brothers granted the power of the wind, Lorenzo Venti is Keeper of the Winds. A loner at heart, he’s fine that his duty to keep the evil Tempest Winds trapped on their island prison, keeps him isolated and alone. After seeing his father murdered by the Winds, he’s made an oath to keep them locked away. Besides, he prefers his work with his horses to annoying people anyway. But his powerful foes are rising, and when one infuriating, tempting woman arrives on his island, she threatens everything…

Bright, vivacious horse trainer Riley Donovan is drawn to big, brooding loner Lorenzo, and she’s planning to chase down the stubborn man once and for all. She knows he has demons, and it makes her own powers stir–powers she vowed never to use again when her mother was killed. But as their scorching attraction explodes, they find themselves in the center of a dangerous tempest…and now the fates of both their world and their hearts hang in the balance.

Published by Anna Hackett on July 31, 2017 (reissue)

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