REVIEW: Tonight by Karen Stivali

Karen Stivali-Tonight

3 Stars Rating


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Tonight by Karen Stivali
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

Five years of loving his brother’s straight best friend has made life hard for David. Even knowing he can’t have Wiley doesn’t stop the fantasies, especially now that Wiley is sleeping on their couch. Grateful that his best friend Derek is giving him a place to stay, Wiley is trying not to make anymore mistakes. But after posing for David’s art project he realizes that his secrets might not be worth holding on to anymore.

“There was nothing I wanted more than a steady boyfriend. The problem was that I was in love. Well, actually the problem was that I was in love with Wiley.”

Tonight was an enjoyable short story, like a little snippet out of David and Wiley’s lives and I wish it could be longer because they were so cute together. Both David and Wiley were likable characters and their chemistry was great. Wiley’s life was turned upside down in high school and he’s tried to repress who he really is to make his mother happy. He’s managed to keep his crush on David a secret but once he’s living under the same roof he can’t keep things in forever. I felt so bad for Wiley and how he was treated as a teenager and I loved how David handled things. His words to Wiley were so sweet and even though he’s the younger of the two, he clearly has a nurturing side. After there night of revelations and some sexy times, Wiley is ready to live his life just how he wants. When Wiley comes out, Derek was a fantastic brother about everything and I liked his support. He clearly loves his brother and best friend and I was glad he didn’t pull a complete freak out.

3 stars – it was good
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Book Details

David has loved his older brother Derek’s BFF, Wiley, since the first day he met him, five long lust-filled years ago. But, as Derek never hesitates to point out, Wiley is straight.

When Wiley has a falling out with his roommate and winds up crashing on David and Derek’s couch for a month, he’s a 24/7 reminder of what David wants but fears he’ll never have. Until one afternoon when David has a major art project to finish and a model who’s a no-show. Wiley offers to pose for him—and it sure feels like the heat between them is mutual.

Could Derek have been wrong about his best friend for all these years? Would David’s dreams about Wiley finally come true? The only thing David knows is that one way or another he’ll find out for sure…tonight.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’s “Love is an Open Road” event.

Published by M/M Romance Group on June 28, 2015

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