REVIEW: Unleash the Curse by Alexa Egan

Alexa Egan-Unleash the Curse

2 Stars Rating


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Unleash the Curse by Alexa Egan
Imnada Brotherhood #1.5
Historical Fantasy Romance

Sarah has been invited to a 2 week stay out in the country but she never thought she’d run into Sebastian, the Earl of Deane, and the man she had a one crazy night with. Sarah is determined to make sure that her reputation stays perfect and innocent regardless of what rumors or assumptions others make about her because she’s actress. Sebastian has never forgotten Sarah but he knows he’s destined to marry someone “respectable” and of equal status to his wealthy and prominent family. With both Sarah and Sebastian stuck in the same house they must work together to figure out who has attacked the Imnada Shapeshifter Sebastian and James were working on an alliance with.

I didn’t mind the writing but this book had the things I don’t like about historical romances. This book’s main issue between the hero and heroine was the class differences with Sarah being from a modest, but poor family and Seb being from a very prominent, high-brow family. I just get tired of the whole “I have to marry for the advancement of the family, not for love” and the “I’ll never be good enough for him because I’ll destroy his reputation” type tropes.

Overall, I like Sarah and Seb but I never really got fully invested in their romance or their story. That being said, they were both pretty likable through out. We’re told a lot that these two can’t stop thinking of each other ever since their one night and that they have this crazy chemistry that they can’t deny, but I don’t know if I really believed it.

Sarah acts like love is always important and that she couldn’t marry outside of it but she strings along Prince Christophe who believes they are to be betrothed. She’s also very concerned with her reputation, but it seems like the Prince isn’t doing much for her because he’s slightly looked down upon for being foreign and eccentric.

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Book Details

Neither actress Sarah Hayes nor London’s most eligible bachelor Sebastian Commin, Earl of Deane, has ever forgotten their one and only scandalous night of white hot passion or the differences in their social positions that make a future together impossible. So when they discover that they’ll be fellow guests at a house party, they vow to keep each other at arm’s length. A vow broken when they find themselves caught up in a mystery involving a brutal attack on an Imnada shape-shifter and an unexplained entity known as the Naxos.

Each clue they uncover reveals more about the ancient Imnada enemy—monstrous soul-feeders with the power to devour worlds. Each fiery encounter between the aristocrat and the entertainer underscores the raw desire that crackles the very air between them until Sebastian is convinced to make Sarah his wife, no matter the cost to his reputation. He just needs to convince Sarah, who cares for him too much to allow his future to be ruined by marrying a low-born actress. It’s only when the sinister Naxos strike again and Sebastian’s life is threatened that Sarah realizes she’s willing to risk a little scandal in order to save the world…and the man she loves.

Published by Pocket Star on September 2, 2013

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