DNF: Clang by E. Davies

E. Davies-Clang

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Clang by E. Davies
Riley Brothers #2
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

This is just personal opinion, but I don’t like when a main character sleeps with someone else after meeting the love interest and I really don’t like when they sleep with someone else after dating/being intimate with the love interest. There was a reference to the relationship not being exclusive, but it was one quick sentence. Just not something I like in my books so I had to pass on this one.

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Book Details

Summer barbecues and his brothers’ renovations keep blacksmith Jackson Riley happy, but he’s missing one thing: a relationship. Sweet, sexy Chase helps him with his dating profile and catches Jackson’s eye instead. When they trade skills and time, the embers are stirred into a flame of passion. Jackson wants a family tattoo – something Chase’s skilled hands can deliver. But Jackson worries when Chase asks him to forge a sword. What could he need protection from?

Tattoo artist Chase MacLeod can’t stop running from his past. When he thinks he’s escaped, a letter arrives that throws everything off balance. The fencing lessons he’s taking bolster his confidence, and his new flame Jackson steps in and defends him. Then, Jackson makes an offer to open his home and heart to him. Chase must find the courage to face his past.

Chase wants to stick around and redefine the meaning of family, but the enemy fights dirty. Will Jackson’s protection be enough to help Chase stand up for himself? Or will Chase’s scars forever close his heart? Despite their best efforts, Chase’s worst enemy might just be himself.

Published on December 16, 2015

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