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E. Davies-Buzz

3 Stars Rating


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Buzz by E. Davies
Riley Brothers #1
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

Cameron had dreams of being a pro hockey player until an unknown heart condition ends his sports career. He’s forced to move back home and find a new life for himself now that he’s lost both hockey and his boyfriend. When he meets Noah he just wants to be a normal guy so he says nothing of his past career or his health. Noah has always crushed on masculine guys but often finds them to be nothing more than dumb jocks who tire of him. But Cameron is different and he might finally have someone worth holding on to.

A lighthearted, easy read that’s perfect for passing the time on a weekend. I liked both Cameron and Noah and even though their relationship progresses in a pretty predictable way it’s still enjoyable. The first couple of chapters were written so that when the point of view changed the story would go back a bit in time and show things from the other character’s POV. I didn’t really enjoy this as it broke me out of the flow of the book but it was only in the first part of the book so I was happy when it stopped. Outside of that I liked the writing and the pacing was pretty good.

I always enjoy a book where a character is forced to return home and restart their life after some big change so this book’s plot was right up my alley. The beekeeping job was also interesting as I knew nothing about beekeeping before reading this.

Cameron was very mature for his age and the circumstances he was going through. He was also charming, confident, and knew what he wanted. He might have lost his hockey career and his boyfriend but he moves on pretty quickly. When he meets Noah he doesn’t hesitate to ask him out and start a relationship. I liked that even though these characters on the surface seem like they have nothing in common they do in fact work together really well. Each is respectful of the other and supports the other. Noah himself was an enjoyable character who is comfortable in his own skin and confident in his relationships. I would have liked Cameron to struggle a little bit more with the complete change in his life plan but I guess at the same time, the lack of drama was also really nice. There wasn’t much tension between Cameron and Noah and their romance was predictable.

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Book Details

At twenty-three, an diagnosed heart condition sends pro hockey player Cameron Riley back to his hometown newly single and looking for work. Cam can’t hide his past – especially when his heart racing is a big risk, and boy, does his new boss’s nephew make his heart race. Noah’s exactly the kind of guy Cam needs after his hellish ex.

Art curator Noah Clark is glad his beekeeping uncle hired this hunk. Cameron is a sweet, smart bad boy. Noah works hard, like organizing a hockey-themed art exhibition, and he wants to let himself love hard. Noah’s busy life would be perfect with Cameron, but what’s his new lover hiding?

Pitting Cam’s budding relationship with sweet Noah against millions of bucks, Cam is offered a lot of money to abandon his new priorities: life, love, and family. The game of their lives is on the line. And after all’s said and done, is it too late for Noah to forgive Cam for his partial truths?

Published by E. Davies on November 24, 2015

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