REVIEW: The Officer Says “I Do” by Jeanette Murray

Jeanette Murray-Officer Says I Do

4 Stars Rating

Book Details

The Officer Says “I Do” by Jeanette Murray
Series: Semper Fi #1
Published: July 1, 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary Romance

He’s a Marine…she grew up on a commune.

He always puts duty first…she’s a free spirit with an unshakable belief in Fate.

He loves routine and order…she brings chaos and creativity wherever she goes.

They’re going to balance each other perfectly–or drive each other completely, utterly insane…

On a wild pre-deployment celebration in Las Vegas, Captain Timothy O’Shay encounters free-spirited beauty Skye McDermott, and for once lets down his guard. Now his life is about to take off in directions he never could have imagined.

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My Review

A really enjoyable read, maybe even my favorite by Jeanette Murray so far. Jeanette Murray did a great job of showing both good and bad in their marriage and how they each realized it was going to be harder than just living together. The writing in this one was really great and there’s something really enjoyable about Jeanette Murray’s writing. Though the cover and back blurb make this seem like a pretty fluffy story it’s actually pretty deep and really takes a look at sacrificing for others, standing firm on your self worth, and what happens when you let someone else’s expectations take over your life. She does a great job of making you really feel the emotions her characters are feeling and experiencing.

I also really liked that this started out with the characters not in love, even Skye who I worried would use Fate as an excuse to proclaim her love right away in the relationship. Instead they each take time to learn more about the other and come to love them for who they really are.

Tim was a good character if a little stuffy and set in his ways. He grew up in a military family so he’s used to the rules and regulations and traditional home life of a military husband and a stay-at-home wife. Even with this upbringing he still likes Skye for who she is and really appreciates her and her ways. He may not follow the idea of Fate but for the most part he respects that it’s important to Skye.

I really liked Skye though there were a few times where I wanted her to stand up for herself more. Of course, a large part of the plot is centered around how Skye begins to lose who she is in her attempt to not embarrass Tim and be the wife she thinks he wants. I wish that Skye didn’t get so lost in trying to be what Tim wanted and on the opposite side, I wish that Tim had realized what was going on.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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