REVIEW: Against the Ropes by Jeanette Murray

Jeanette Murray-Against the Ropes

3 Stars Rating


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Against the Ropes by Jeanette Murray
First to Fight #2
Contemporary Romance

Reagan has traveled a lot of miles to be away from her un-supportive family and she’s hoping her first “real job” after college will be successful. But when vandalism to the gym continues to get worse, Reagan feels like she’s in over head. Greg never had a family until he joined the military and channeled his anger into boxing. He’s surprised by how much he wants to be a part of the team considering he didn’t really care either way when he first showed up. But there are parts of Greg’s past that he never wants to share, even with Reagan.

The pace was better than in the first book since there was a bit more going on. The team continues to practice but they also have a match and the vandalism ramps up. The vandalism continues but isn’t resolved so that mystery is still left open. I do have my suspicions on who’s causing it and I can’t wait to read the next one and if I’m right.

Once again Jeanette Murray writes characters that are goofy and silly and I love it. Greg is great at bringing humor to a situation and helping to bring Reagan back to earth when she gets too wrapped up in work. I really enjoyed Greg’s character, especially once we learn about his childhood and sordid past. He really turns himself around and you can truly tell what a good guy he is. Reagan was a bit much sometimes when she gets neurotic about her work and making everything perfect for the team but overall I liked her character.

There were a few moments that I struggled with, first was Greg and Reagan’s height. It’s possible I missed the part explaining their heights but I was confused on how tall exactly they were since it’s mentioned quite a bit that Reagan is taller than Greg when she wears heels. It’s brought up a few times that Brad and Marianne kept their relationship a secret and how this caused problems but that wasn’t the case in Below the Belt; they actually disclose their relationship pretty early on.

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Book Details

As a troubled teen, Gregory Higgs channeled his energy into boxing instead of breaking the law. The ring gave him purpose and something to strive for. So did the Marines. Combining the two seemed like a natural fit.

Another natural fit? Reagan Robilard, the sweet athlete liaison who keeps all the fighters out of trouble and manages their PR—a job that gets more challenging when someone digs up the truth about Greg’s not-so-shiny past after equipment is vandalized at the gym.

Even if it weren’t her job, Reagan couldn’t let Greg take the fall. Because passion doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to matters of the heart.

Published by Berkley on October 6, 2015

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