REVIEW: Theron by Anna Hackett


Rating 3 Stars

Sienna is small and cute but still deadly with a weapon. Unfortunately, men often only see the cute and they don’t understand who she really is. The one person who really gets her also happens to be her teammate and best friend, Theron. Theron comes from a rough past but his foster family and military team helped ground him. However, he feels like he’s not good enough for Sienna, especially considering his darker tastes in the bedroom.

Another great Hell Squad addition and I’m loving exploring some of the other characters (and all the new ones introduced in this book). There was some continued development of the alien invasion and even a return of one of a Gizzida character from an earlier book. I continue to love the storyline behind these aliens invading and the constant struggle the humans have to defeat them and their more advanced technology.

Theron has been a tall, dark, and mysterious character from the beginning and I’ve been intrigued by him so I was very happy finally get his story and for it to be a friends-to-lovers story since those tend to be favorites for me. I was happy that once they get started in a relationship he seems to get quickly that Sienna is throughly enjoying herself. Theron isn’t perfect however, and he has one oops moment with Sienna where he let’s his inner Alpha take over and try to control things outside the bedroom but he quickly makes things right. I was  glad that when Anna Hackett claimed that Theron liked things dirty and kinky (oh my!) she stuck by that for his character. Too often in the post-50 shades romance world, authors say their characters are into BDSM or related acts but still keep the sex scenes pretty vanilla. Not the case here and Hackett really let’s Theron’s personality and preferences take over.

Sienna was a delight of contradictions and it was great to read about a character that is still feminine and cute while also kicking some alien butt. I love tough women in romances and Anna Hackett is a master at this. Sienna might look sweet and innocent but she’s much more complex than that and this kept her character interesting. I loved the way she managed to break Theron down and convince him that she wanted what he was offering. Sienna was a great mix of spicy and sweet and really, Theron needed someone like this to keep him on his toes.

Content Note: BDSM

••• Book Details •••

Hell Squad #12    Romance, Science Fiction    April 30, 2017

Sienna Rossi has always been a mix of contradictions. She loves ice cream, likes cooking, and is skilled at taking down aliens with her squad. Sweet and tough, soldier and woman, most people can’t seem to make sense of her…even the loving family she lost in the invasion and especially men. One man accepts her as she is, her best friend Theron. But the big, silent, muscled soldier has her firmly in the ‘friends’ zone…except that Sienna knows he wants her, and she’s determined to claim the stubborn man as hers.

Theron Wade lives to fight aliens. They killed his parents, his foster siblings, and his fellow Rangers. Now he has a new team–the tough, mostly-female Squad Nine. But one certain female haunts his dreams and stars in his darkest fantasies. Sienna is his sunshine in the darkness. He wants to her to be happy…and he knows that would never be with a man like him. A man with darker, rougher tastes that would shock her.

As Squad Nine works to track and destroy a dangerous alien device, best friends collide. Theron introduces Sienna to a world of rough, edgy passion that she craves. But as a mission goes off track, the two of them will risk everything for love, for their lives, and to save the world.

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