REVIEW: Dangerous Games by Tess Diamond

Tess Diamond-Dangerous Games

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Dangerous Games by Tess Diamond
Series: FBI #1
Published:  March 28, 2017 by Avon
Genre: Suspense Romance

Maggie Kincaid left the FBI two years ago and didn’t look back . . . until now. A senator’s daughter has been abducted, and the nightmare set in motion isn’t just familiar to Maggie, it’s personal. She’ll need all the help she can get to bring Kayla Thebes home alive—even if that help comes from a hot-as-hell ex-soldier who plays by his own rules. . .

For Jake O’Connor, negotiation equals weakness. But he’s immediately drawn to the sexy former agent who epitomizes strength. It isn’t long before he and Maggie are working together 24/7, learning to read each other’s signals and wanting much more.

But for Maggie and Jake, letting their guard down—even around each other—may be dangerous. Now, as they close in on a kidnapper with nothing to lose, their first mistake could shatter a young girl’s last chance…

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My Review

Maggie left the FBI after a case ended in tragedy and she couldn’t bear to make another mistake. Now she’s been brought back in because her mentor, Agent Edenhurst, believes she’s the best negotiator out there. However, Maggie is unsure she can keep her emotions under control and she doubts her skills in a way she never has before. Not only that, but she must work with her ex-fiancee and she’s trying to push away memories of her own kidnapping as a young girl. Jake loved his work in the military and he’s still adjusting to his new job working in DC, “fixing” problems. When his commander sends him in as a security consultant to the Senator, he knows how he wants this case to end, but he wasn’t prepared for Maggie’s take charge attitude or the Senator’s strange resistance to getting his daughter back.

I thought this was a good book with a decent blend of mystery and romance. The beginning is particularly focused on the mystery and Maggie’s work to find out what happened to Kayla with the romance being built up. We see Maggie and Jake’s attraction to each other but the mystery is by far the larger focus of the book. That being said, I thought it was balanced well and I didn’t feel like the romance got shorted in any way.

I really enjoyed Jake’s character because he was cocky and confident and a little bit smug but it was all in an endearing way. He also completely supports Maggie once it’s clear that she knows what she is doing and that she has Kayla’s interest as her priority. Jake was definitely an alpha character but it was nice to see him bend when it came to Maggie’s requests/orders and give her the support she needed to work through her own issues. I do wish we had gotten more about Jake’s past; there were things from his military career that were hinted at but never explored. We learn a lot about Maggie, her history, her family, and her issues but Jake is left pretty much a surface personality.

I’m not sure how many times Maggie references feeling rope around her wrists (a memory from her own childhood kidnapping) but it was a bit excessive. She also agonizes about her “failure” at Sherwood Hills and this also gets a bit annoying. I believe this was originally divided into 3 parts as a serialized story, so maybe this repetition wasn’t as obvious when it was split up.

This book ended with some cliffhangers and I’m not sure if there’s going to be a sequel. Tess Diamond does have another book coming out, Such a Pretty Girl, about Maggie’s friend Grace but I’m not sure if this will continue Maggie’s story. Certain parts are resolved but there are some things left hanging that I really need an answer to!

3 stars – it was good
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